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Pet Wellness Program

Dr. Beth Boynton examining a cat

The Wellness Programs in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences allows the pet owner the opportunity to aid in the education of veterinary students while at the same time assuring that their family pet receives the best in preventive medical care. Students and professional veterinary staff together will assess the general health, including nutritional status, of all patients in the program and make recommendations to the pet’s owners. Students will be educated on how take and perform thorough histories and physical examinations as well as have an opportunity to develop their non-invasive diagnostic skills on all patients enrolled in the program.


This program is designed to give owners information on early warning signs of disease and to lengthen the lives of their pets through wellness intervention. Upon registration, you and your pet(s) will be assigned to a primary pet wellness care facility of Western University- at either Banfield, The Pet Hospital,  the Hill’s Wellness Center (HWC).



Additional guidelines and limitations of the Pet Wellness Programs are as follows:



Students will participate in the care of clients and patients to the fullest extent appropriate. The attending clinicians will be supervising all students closely and will determine when or if a student is in need of assistance or substitution. The over-riding instructional philosophy will be repetition and progression from basic/minor procedures to complex/major procedures. It is expected that the students will participate in, assist with, or observe the variety of pet wellness cases that are seen in most general small animal veterinary practices.


If you are interested in participating in our Pet Wellness Programs and agree to comply with the guidelines and limitations listed above, please complete and submit the form found at: