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Commencement 2022
WesternU / Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

We prepare students to become biomedical researchers and future practitioners in academia, industry, or medical/health care professions.

Student and doctor in laboratory working with pipette and a vial

Master of Science Biomedical Sciences

As a student researcher, you will work along side our esteemed faculty and other students in state-of-art facilities and labs. We keep classes small for one-on-one instruction. Together, we will advance important research learning and discoveries with the goal of improving quality of life.

“I chose WesternU because I wanted to be in an environment that would give me the best opportunity to pursue my goals.”

Paul Stewart, MSBS Class Of 2020
Six med students Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences incoming students walk the Esplanade to Swift Hall during WesternU Welcome
Two students reviewing research posters in the GCBS building hallway

About Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

Bring your curiosity! This is where students come together with faculty and ask “why is that?” Then together they seek answers and solutions. GCBS is a small College offering personalized attention where every voice counts. Student success is our #1 priority.