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Six med students Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences incoming students walk the Esplanade to Swift Hall during WesternU Welcome

Academic Program

Program Description

The major philosophy of the MSBS program is to provide students a strong scientific background as well as research or elective training to enable them to apply to most professional degree programs (MD/DO, optometry, dentistry, etc.), or to pursue a variety of careers in the biomedical field, including academia, the pharmaceutical industry, or public/private research institutions. Students will experience small classes that provide a mixture of didactic lectures as well as participatory group discussions. This educational process will develop both the necessary skills required to succeed in professional colleges as well as the ability to apply their knowledge to solve problems and to discuss issues related to modern biomedical sciences. Emphasizing interdisciplinary study, WesternU’s two-year Master of Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program offers students the opportunities in:

  • Research: to prepare students to pursue research careers in academic institutions or private companies.
  • Career: to prepare students to enter the job market.
Michel Baudry, PhD, professor in the Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences at Western University of Health Sciences with two students

Program Faculty

The Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences has a core group of faculty. In addition, the College draws upon faculty from WesternU’s other Colleges, as well as outside institutions, for both classroom instruction and laboratory supervision.