The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, (MSBS).

The major philosophy of the MSBS program which now has 4 different concentrations, is to provide students with a strong scientific background as well as research or elective training to enable them to apply to most professional degree programs (MD/DO), optometry, dentistry, etc.), or to pursue a variety of careers in the biomedical field, including academia, the pharmaceutical industry, or public/private research institutions. Students will experience small classes that provide a mixture of didactic lectures as well as participatory group discussions. This educational process will develop both the necessary skills required to succeed in professional colleges as well as the ability to apply their knowledge to solve problems and to discuss issues related to modern biomedical sciences. 

The MSBS program will provide sufficient training opportunities for the students to successfully attain their career goals.

A minimum of 40 semester credit hours is required for completion of the MSBS program. This is comprised combination of coursework, which includes Core and Elective Courses, Research, Directed Readings and/or Thesis credit. For the Research concentration, courses, laboratory experiences, research and thesis activities direct students towards learning to utilize laboratory equipment, gaining problem- solving skills, creating and executing experimental designs, performing data analysis, presenting research results in abstracts, publication, and an oral defense of a written thesis.

To this end, intensive academic coursework and advising will be provided to ensure students successful admission into the professional field of their choice. For those students with strong academic backgrounds and professional interests, a path is available for admission to the Western University School of Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine.  For the other students interested in a professional career, they will apply in the open pool for admission into their graduate health professional schools.