Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

Message from the Dean

These are exciting times.

Scientific advances are moving at an unprecedented pace and it is now conceivable to think that the next generation of graduate students will revolutionize the way diseases are going to be treated as well as the way health care is going to be delivered. The Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences (GCBS) is committed to train this next generation of students and to provide them the experience, background and skills they will need to be the leaders in this revolution.

These are challenging times.

We are entering in what some called the knowledge economy and there is a need to develop new ways of educating and training graduate students who will combine the understanding of the basic research process with the skills and tools to translate fundamental discoveries into real-world applications. GCBS is proposing innovative programs designed to address these challenges.

The GCBS will train highly skilled, dedicated and caring biomedical researchers and future practitioners for entry into academia, industry or the medical professions. To that end, the GCBS strives to graduate humanistic professionals who will produce new biomedical knowledge and practice their health care professions with a deeper and broader understanding of the dynamic sciences underlying the treatment of patients.

Two individual programs are offered:

MSBS Program: Emphasizing interdisciplinary study, WesternU’s two-year  Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program offers:

  • Preparation for students to enter professional colleges including MD, DO, PA and DDS.
  • Research: to prepare students to pursue research careers in academic institutions or private companies.
  • Career: to prepare students to enter the job market.

MSMS Program: This one-year Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) program prepares qualified pre-health professional students who have obtained a baccalaureate degree in a rigorous inter-professional environment, for successful application to professional programs, both external and internal. We are particularly interested in a broad application pool for this program and are welcoming applications from members of groups underrepresented in the health professions

We are also working diligently to create a new PhD Program in Translational Biomedical Sciences which will expand the existing Master Programs and open new opportunities for Western University graduate students.

The College has as its major objective:

  • To provide top quality educational programs in graduate medical sciences to enable graduates to obtain the best career opportunities for themselves, in order to meet the needs of the State of California and the Western United States; and
  • To offer advanced biomedical courses in a variety of topics to all graduate students at Western University of Health Sciences.
  • To stimulate basic and translational research activities at Western University of Health Sciences.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about biomedical research, our College and the MSBS and MSMS programs.


Guru Betageri, PhD

Interim Dean