Paul Stewart, msbs class of 2020

Why did you choose WesternU?

I chose WesternU because I wanted to be in an environment that would give me the best opportunity to pursue my goals. From the small classroom sizes to the top research facilities, and being surrounded by health & allied health professionals. WesternU is a unique setting that has given me the tools to succeed in medicine and life.

How did being in the MSBS Program prepare you for professional school and where are you now?

I believe the MSBS program has prepared me for medical school by giving me the confidence needed to thrive in medicine’s highly competitive field. The curriculum created in the MSBS program is challenging yet rewarding. I undoubtedly believe that the MSBS program has given me the best opportunity to succeed in medical school and beyond. With the MSBS program help, I have gained acceptance into six medical schools. I will be attending Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, where I plan to become an emergency medicine physician.

Denise Henry, MSBS Class of 2018

Why did you choose WesternU?

I chose Western U because I knew the research opportunities, community, and available resources would best help me pursue my career in medicine. The immense support from staff, faculty, and the sense of camaraderie between my peers facilitated a sense of community that made Western U feel like home. 

What one or two elements of your education proved to be the most valuable to you in your career?

For me, the two most valuable elements of the MSBS program were my involvement in research and the opportunities to improve my public speaking via oral presentations. The research experience I gained through the MSBS program provided me with an enhanced ability to think critically, and collaborate with others to problem solve. I was able to publish papers, attend a conference, and I learned a plethora of new biotechnology skills. Throughout the program there were multiple avenues for me to practice becoming a better public speaker and best explain complex scientific knowledge into an easily digestible format. The education I received allowed me to excel within the MSBS program and I know the skills I have gained through the program will be invaluable throughout my career. 

Jeff Koury, msbs class of 2018

Jeff KouryHow did being in the MSBS Program prepare you for professional school and where are you now?         

MSBS is a flourishing and rapidly growing program that has a rooted focus on laboratory research. I was able to learn the ins and outs of laboratory techniques, but more importantly a critical way of thinking to allow me to become an independent researcher and scientist. This has given me a strong background and advantage as I enter my PhD Program in Biomedical Science at University of California, Riverside. 

Who at WesternU made you feel supported and how?

The Graduate College themselves did a wonderful job of financially supporting student initiatives. They supported via travel funds for conferences as well as submission costs for publications