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James D. Scott, PharmD, MEd, APh, FCCP, FASHP, FCSHP, AAHIVP

Associate Dean, Experiential and Professional Affairs; Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration

College of Pharmacy

E-Mail: jdscott@westernu.edu

Phone: 909-469-5348

Join year: May, 2000


BS-Zoology 1989 University of Florida M.Ed. 1991 University of Florida Pharm.D. 1994 University of Florida

Dr. Scott received his Pharm.D. in 1994 from the University of Florida. He completed a 1-year clinical residency in Geriatric Pharmacotherapy in 1995 at the VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Fl. In 1997 he completed a 2-year fellowship in Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. From July 1997 through April 2000, he was Director of Infection Management at the Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory in Buffalo, NY. He joined WesternU in May of 2000. His research, clinical practice and academic interests are focused in HIV pharmacotherapy and adherence counseling. His research projects have included retrospective analyses evaluating the use and efficacy of HIV therapies, pharmacokinetic studies, and prospective investigator-initiated clinical trials. Dr. Scott is certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine as a HIV Expert. He currently oversees the experiential portion of the PharmD curriculum at WesternU.

Academic Interests

Dr. Scott oversees the Office of Experiential Education and the nearly 45% of our curriculum that occurs in affiliated practice settings. He works to continuously expand and improve the quality of experiential learning through the development new practice sites, by offering training and development programs for adjunct faculty/preceptors, by providing focused resources and support to affiliated teaching sites, and by implementing evaluation and quality assurance measures that will maximize that clinical experience for both students and preceptors.

Research Interest

His current research, clinical practice and academic interests focus in HIV pharmacotherapy and adherence counseling. His recent research projects have included retrospective analyses evaluating the use and efficacy of HIV therapies, pharmacokinetic studies, and prospective investigator initiated clinical trials.


Dr. Scott currently sits on the Boards of Directors for the California Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (CSHP), the CSHP Foundation and the American Academy of HIV Medicine.


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