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Janice Hoffman, PharmD, EdD, APh BCGP, FASCP

Janice Hoffman, PharmD, EdD, APh BCGP, FASCP

Associate Professor

College of Pharmacy

Phone: 909-706-3510

  • Education

    Pharm.D. 1988
    University of Southern California

  • Education Experience


    Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice
    1988-89 University of Maryland at Baltimore

  • Publications

    Hoffman, J. "Blues and You: Depression in the Elderly and the role of the SSRIs" Kindred Pharmacy Services National Newsletter, Winter 2004.

    Hoffman, J. "Impact of a psychiatric pharmacist-facilitated tardive dyskinesia assessment training session on quality of care in skilled nursing facilities" Abstract-American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting, December, 1993.

    Hoffman, J. "Paroxetine: An Alternative Antidepressant in the Elderly?" Pharmacy Corporation of America National Newsletter Bulletin, June 1993.

    Hoffman, J. "Psychoactive Drug Use during Pregnancy" Channel Islands Society of Hospital Pharmacists Newsletter, June 1993.

    Hoffman, J. "Monitoring psychiatric side effects of nonpsychiatric medications" California Pharmacist, May 1993: page 24. Reprinted from the San Fernando Valley Psychologists Association Newsletter article April 1993.