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Shea Heagle,

Shea Heagle,

Learning Skills Specialist


Phone: 5293

Join year: 2022

  • Narrative


    People and Possibilities inspire me. The greatest gifts I have received in my life have come from relationships. I love meeting new people and learning from them. I truly am interested in hearing individuals' experiences and interests. Human connection, for me, is the most stimulating. I have learned a tremendous amount by listening, watching, and connecting with others. My hope is to continue this by teaching and learning from each of you. Additionally, I am driven by the potential of possibilities. The possibility to be smarter, more successful, happier, kinder - better. The concept that I can make decisions to improve myself each day is what drives me. That is why I am committed to being a life-long learner and am happy to assist you all in your journey of life-long learning.


    MIND –

    I love listening to music and podcasts. Listening to music usually helps me when I need to focus and ‘get in the zone’ – it helps me be productive. I usually use podcasts (mostly pop-culture topics) as a way to clear my mind and reset.

    BODY –

    I try to hit at least 6,000 steps/day and go for a bike ride as often as I can.

    SELF –

    I start my morning off with an affirmation and a moment of reflection to help clear my mind and set my intentions. I also try to be outside as often as possible, whether that is ensuring I take breaks during the workday to go for a walk outside or going to the beach on the weekends. The sun feeds my soul.


    I like to see live music as often as I can. Music makes me happy and listening to it live is next level. I like to ride my bike when I am able to. I like to ride alone and push myself. I make new experiences as often as we can, so I am always open to suggestions of new activities, restaurants, classes, etc. I am always up for something new!