What is CASHNet?

CASHNet is Western University of Health Sciences online payment system. This system eases the payment process by allowing payments to be made at anytime, anywhere. From this secure site, payments can be made to a student account by electronic check or international wire transfer.

What are the benefits of CASHNet?

  • Convenient 24/7 access
  • Pay online, anytime
  • Electronic billing
  • View account balances and transaction history
  • E-Check payment options available at no additional cost
  • International wire transfers accepted through Western Union
  • Ability to view and download 1098T tax forms electronically
  • Set up email and text alert notifications
  • Authorize others to pay on the student’s behalf.

What is eBilling?

EBilling is a convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills. You will be sent an e-mail notification to your WesternU email account when an eBill is available for viewing. Each person with access to the eBill can receive e-mail notifications when a new eBill is generated. It is important that your email be up to date in order to avoid missing important notifications. You can also set up text message alerts and reminders in CASHNet by selecting “SMS Alert Setup” under Account Details. See here for detailed instructions on how to set up SMS Alerts. 

Can I stop or cancel a payment I made to my student account?

Once a check payment is received by the Bursar’s Office, whether in person or online, such remittance is transmitted to the bank for processing and we cannot cancel or stop payment. You may contact your bank directly to stop payment. However, you will be assessed a “returned item” service charge on your student account.

How do I view my eBill?

You can access your eBill at any time by logging in to Self-Service using your student ID and PIN, select Student Services Menu, and then select View/Pay Student Account. You will then be directed to your main Student Account Online page, where you can access your eBills by selecting “Your Bills.”

Why should I use CASHNet when I can go to the Bursar’s Office?

CASHNet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even holidays!). The Bursar’s Office is only available Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM. You can conveniently manage CASHNet from your home anytime, and you will not have to wait in line!

Can I receive a paper bill instead of an eBill?

All students will receive an eBill. The option of printing a bill after it is made available to the individual is completely up to that person.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

CASHNet payments can be made using electronic check and foreign currency. Alternatively, you can mail your payment by check, money order, or cashier’s check. Please click here to see detailed information on payment methods.

How do I pay my eBill by e-check?

Please click here to see detailed instructions on how to make a payment using an electronic check.

Is there a fee for paying online?

If paying by e-check, utilizing ACH through your checking or savings account, there is no charge. Make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully when inputting your bank’s routing number and account number.

What information do I need to make my online payment via e-check?

You will need the following information to complete your online payment via e-check:

  • Account type (Checking or Savings)
  • Checking or Savings Account Number
  • The Bank Routing Transit Number
  • The Account Holders name (First and Last as it appears on the account)

When is a payment reflected on my account?

A payment will be reflected on the account as soon as it is submitted. However, there may be a short delay before a payment is reflected on your account during heavy payment activity. If you receive confirmation of your payment, please do not re-submit it- the payment was successful. Please reference the receipt that was sent to the email you provided.

How do I pay my eBill using foreign currency?

Please click here to see detailed instructions on how to make a payment by international wire transfer.

When is a foreign currency payment reflected on my account?

Your Foreign Currency payment will be considered as a pending transaction until the appropriate funds have been transferred.

  • A transaction that is PENDING will not release holds, permit registration for classes, or credit your Student Account. It is the payer’s responsibility to fill out the appropriate forms that are requested for a Foreign Currency payment after the transaction has been initiated.
  • A foreign currency payment does not post to your student account until it is initiated with your foreign bank
  • It may take 2-5 business days from the date you deliver the printed transaction form to your foreign bank to transfer the funds via Western Union to Western University of Health Sciences, before the payment is applied to your account.

I would like to pay my student account with an international payment in CASHNet. What if my home currency isn’t offered?

You can pay in another currency, such as the U.S. dollar. Your payment will arrive in U.S. dollars quickly, and without any additional bank charges. You will then receive payment instructions to process at your local bank to complete the International Funds Transfer. You will be able to track your payment on your student account through CASHNet and once the transfer has been completed your student account will be updated automatically.

When is my tuition due?

Please click here for tuition due schedules.

What happens if I do not pay on time?

You will be assessed a $50 late fee until your account is satisfied. If receiving financial aid you are still responsible to settle your account by the due date or late fees may apply. A hold will be placed on your account if you have a past due outstanding balance. Holds prevent registration, graduation, and the release of transcripts.

What if my payment is returned?

In order to reduce the risk of your payment being returned, please verify that you have correctly entered your routing and account numbers before you submit your payment. A $20 fee will be applied to the Student Account if the Bursar’s Office is unable to secure the funds from the account you provided. Returned electronic checks are treated the same as any dishonored item. This includes insufficient funds or invalid account or routing numbers. (Fee is subject to change). In addition, the student may also be charged a $50 late payment fee if tuition and fees are not paid by the due date as a result of a dishonored item.

How do I setup an authorized user? How can my parents view my eBill?

Once logged into CASHNet, the student and only the student has the authority to grant access to anyone he/she chooses. Parents/guardians will get an e-mail notification with username and password set by the student, which will need to be changed on first login within 24 hours. Parents/guardians will need to have a valid e-mail address to be able to make use of this service. Click here to see how to set up an authorized user.

What is an Authorized User? 

An Authorized User is a parent or other individual a student sets up for access to make payments to their student account. An Authorized User can make payments from a regular checking or savings account, receive new eBill email alerts, and view eBills.

  • Students can set up multiple authorized users for access to this website.
  • Authorized Users can view their payment activity and saved payment methods.
  • Authorized Users cannot view student’s grades or student and other Authorized Users’ saved payment methods on this website. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), a student’s financial record may not be shared without their consent. The Bursar’s Office staff will not disclose any information regarding a student unless we have permission from the student.

Can a student have more than one authorized user?

Yes, a student can authorize more than one payer.

Can multiple bank accounts be set-up as a saved payment method?

Yes. Student and authorized users can set-up and pay from multiple accounts. Note: you cannot pay from multiple accounts in the same transaction.

I am an Authorized User and I have forgotten my eBill login ID and/or password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, you can receive a reminder email by selecting the “Forgot Password” link on the eBill login page you received. You will then be sent an email with your login ID and a new temporary password.

How do I set up text alerts for my eBill?

Please click here for detailed instructions on How to Set Up Text Alerts.

How do I save a payment method in CASHNet?

Please click here for detailed instructions on saving a payment method in CASHNet.

Can I view transactions that have occurred on my account since the most recent statement?

You can select the “Account Details” link found within your Student Account Online. You will be able to see all transactions that have occurred between the date of the most recent eBill statement and today.

How can I be sure my CASHNet information is secure?

  • You should make sure your transactions are done in a secure setting (if you are using a public computer make sure you sign out and close all open browsing windows)
  • You should never leave your computer logged into CASHNet when you are not using it
  • You should never let anyone else log into your CASHNet account with your account ID and password
  • Parents or Authorized Users should log in onlywith their PIN you create for them
  • Do not share your login or password with anyone (no one in the Bursar’s Office will ever ask you for your password)

Is CASHNet my only option for managing my account balance?

You can pay online, in person, or by mail. The Bursar’s Office accepts cash and checks.

What if my account does not reflect my financial aid information?

Anticipated financial aid funds cannot be posted to your account prior to 10 days before the start of the term. It is the responsibility of all students to monitor their student accounts regularly throughout the term to ensure all anticipated aid is disbursed, and their account balance is paid in full. To obtain further information on the status of your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (909) 469-5353.

I receive financial aid, but still need to make a partial payment to my account. Can I make a partial payment?

Students will not be able to pay the remaining balance until financial aid has been applied to your account. Financial aid is disbursed 10 days prior to the term start date. Please refer to the financial aid disbursement schedule in accordance with your respective program.

I tried to view my eBill, but nothing came up. What’s going on?

Please make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled. CASHNet has multiple features that require your pop-up blocker to be turned off.

What if I have a discrepancy on my account?

Please contact the Bursar’s Office at (909) 469-5403. Office hours are from 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday.