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Please Note: More questions and answers will be posted to this page in the coming days.

Is WesternU requiring any sort of location services or geo-fencing to clock in or out through the ADP application?
At this time, WesternU is not requiring location-based services to be enabled to clock in or out.  However, in the future, geo-fencing could be an option for the university or within a specific college or department.

What if an employee chooses not to download the ADP application on their phone?
It is not required to install an application on a personal device.  There is an online ADP portal that can be accessed using the employee’s WesternU credentials.

Will an hourly employee be able to adjust their clock in or out time entry?
Employees will need to email their supervisor if a clock in or out entry was missed.

Will the change to ADP’s payroll and time and attendance software alter WesternU’s existing payroll schedule or workdays included in a payroll?
WesternU is not making any changes to payroll schedules or workdays included in each pay period.

Can a supervisor have a backup approver for time off requests and/or biweekly timecard approvals?
Yes, Payroll can help identify and setup an appropriate backup approver.