Accounts Payable


University Financial Services & Treasury is located at Anderson Tower, 4th floor.


Alex Berger, Assistant Vice President for Finance
(909) 706-3801
Oversees and manages Accounts Payable services for the University.

Elizabeth Savolt, Accounts Payable Assistant
(909) 469-5688
Accounts Payable processing of purchase order invoices.

Jennifer Cherry, Accounts Payable Assistant
(909) 469-5405
Accounts Payable processing of payment requisitions.

Irma Sampson, Accounts Payable Specialist
(909) 469-8284
Accounts Payable administration, travel, University credit card.

Accounts Payable is responsible for payments to all vendors for goods and services, to students for tuition refunds, and to employees for business expenses and travel reimbursements. Please direct all general inquires and specific requests to:


  • Form W-9. Use this form to request the taxpayer Identification number when entering into an agreement or contract with a new consultant or vendor.
  • Payment Requisition. The Payment Requisition is used when submitting payment request. Please submit the approved form with all support documentation attached to the Accounts Payable office prior to the requested payment date.
  • Signature Authorization Form. This form is used to identify all individuals who have authority approve documents that are paid through the Accounts Payable Department. Please have each authorized signer fill out this form and return it to Accounts Payable.
  • Petty Cash Reimbursement Form. The Petty Cash form is used to request petty cash reimbursement by the authorized custodian’s of petty cash accounts.
  • Credit Card Expense Report. The Credit Card Expense Report form is used when submitting the approved credit card expenses to the Accounts Payable department.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization. To request direct deposit for accounts payable payments, type banking information into the form then print, sign and forward to Accounts Payable. This form requires a voided check for checking accounts and an original signature.
  • Independent Contractor Determination. The link provides specific information, instructions, and forms to determine whether an individual performing services for the University should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor.
  • Stipend or Service Form. Use this form to assist in properly characterizing a student payment as either a stipend or a payment for services. Also see ‘Payments to Students’ and ‘Payments to Individuals for Services Provided’ below.
  • Cell Phone Electronic Device Stipend Request Form. Fill out this form and obtain the proper authorization(s), and forward to the email no later than Friday 6/19/20 for the July 1st, 2020 effective date. You can refer to the policy in this link, Cell Phone – Electronic Device Stipend Policy for additional direction.

Additional Financial Information



When does Accounts Payable run checks and what are the deadlines?

We run checks on Wednesday and Friday of each week. Please see the Check Run Schedule in Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures

May I have my reimbursement issued as a Direct Deposit through the Accounts Payable Office?

Yes. All employees that are set up for Direct Deposit through Payroll will also receive accounts payable disbursements via Direct Deposit. If you would prefer to use a different account than the one on file for Payroll, please complete and sign the Direct Deposit Authorization and forward to Accounts Payable.

What if a check is lost, stolen or destroyed?

If you believe the check is stolen or lost, please email the Accounts Payable Department immediately at the check is destroyed (torn, washed, etc.) bring the destroyed check to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable will notify the bank and reissue the check in the next scheduled check run.

Who can approve a payment request that is sent to Accounts Payable?

All payment requests must have the signature of the authorized signer on the account being charged.