The Office of Budget is responsible for ensuring that the University’s resources are used for the intended purpose and are safe from misuse.

Monique Cano, Budget Associate (909) 469-5411 Training on budget transfer & primary point of contact for the Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget Administration.


Katherine Jimenez, Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget Administration (909) 469-5490 Budget development, planning, and management. Patrick Mendoza, Assistant Director for Finance and Budget Administration (909) 469-5499 Provides financial reporting and analysis of institutional budgets and interpretation of various financial data. 




Instructions for using the Fund Transfer Request Form The Fund Transfer Request Form enables departments to request a budget transfer or cash transfer of available monies and must be approved by the Budget Manager. In most cases, budget and cash transfers from the current fiscal operating budgets will expire on June 30 of every year. Budget Transfers:

  1. Generally, Budget Transfers are only allowed between accounts within the same fund and organization. The fund and organization numbers must be the same for both the OUT and IN transaction columns.
  2. Reallocate funds from existing accounts that have a projected overage to accounts that have negative balances; sufficient funds should be transferred to cover future spending needs.
  3. Redistribute budget funds when new expense line items are added to an existing budget.
  4. In rare instances, upon proper approval, budgeted funds may be transferred from an existing fund and organization to a new or existing fund and organization.

Cash Transfers:

  1. May be used by one department to assist another department in helping to fund (pay for) a special event or research project.
  2. Are used to reimburse expenses incurred or paid for by one department for another department.
  3. The account numbers must be the same for both the OUT and IN transaction columns.
  4. Transfers between expense line items to salaries or benefit line items are strictly prohibited.

Do not use the Fund Transfer Request Form to reclassify activity. Please contact the University Financial Services & Treasury for further information @ (909) 469-5443.


I need to make a operating budget transfer, which form should I use?

Use the Fund Transfer Request form.

Who do I send the operating budget transfer forms to?

Contact our Associate Vice President for Budget, Katherine Jimenez at (909) 469-5490 or