General Accounting

University Financial Services & Treasury is located at Anderson Tower, 4th floor.


General Accounting is responsible for recording the inflow and outflow of University resources and can assist with inquiries or research regarding financial matters and fund balances. As well as enforcing PCI Compliance for Western University’s merchant locations.

Christopher Crow, University Controller
(909) 469-5409
Management of General Accounting, including: Accounts Payable, Payroll Operations, Accounting Policies and Procedures, Auditing, and Financial Information and Controls.

Alex Berger, Assistant Vice President for Finance
(909) 706-3801
Oversees and manages Accounts Payable services for the University.

Perry Self, Assistant Controller
(909) 469-5267
Accounting and compliance functions that include, preparation of financial information, researching, auditing, monitoring, and etc.

Rosa Aldama, Financial Accountant
(909) 706-3514
Account analysis and full review of general ledger, bank & investment reconciliations, tax filings.

Susanne Hastings, Accounting Clerk
(909) 469-5363
Administrative and accounting support in Accounts Payable, Payroll, Bursar’s Office, and the Finance and General Accounting areas.




PCI Compliance for Western University Merchants


Additional Financial Information

IRS Form 990 Filings

Audited Financial Statement


Which Sales are subject to sales tax?

All sales are subject to sales tax (except some services and medicine given to patients) 

How do I obtain a copy University’s W-9?

Contact Rosa Aldama in the University Financial Services & Treasury at (909) 706-3514 or 

If I need to make a cash transfer, which form should I use?

Use the Fund Transfer Request form.

Who do I send the cash transfer and reclassification form to?

Please send cash transfer forms pertaining to sales transactions to Rosa Aldama ( and all other cash transfer and reclassification forms to For questions please contact Irma Sampson (909) 469-8284 ( in the University Financial Services & Treasury. 

How can I check on a fund balance?

  1. Log into Self-Service (Banweb) (”)
  2. Select Financial Services from the main menu
  3. Select Budget Queries
  4. Create a query by entering the fund and the organization number
  5. Submit the query  

How can I gain access to a fund or org?

Contact Irma Sampson (909) 469-8284 ( in the University Financial Services & Treasury.

Who should I call regarding questions on my financial reports?

Contact Chris Crow (909) 469-5409 ( or Rosa Aldama (909) 706-3514 ( in the University Financial Services & Treasury. 

How do I go about getting a credit card terminal?

Contact Rosa Aldama in the University Financial Services & Treasury at (909) 706-3514 or 

How can I expense Federal/State grants and contracts?

You need to obtain an approval from Sponsored Programs and Contract Management before you can submit the request to the University Financial Services & Treasury.  

How do I set up a fund?

Contact Chris Crow (909) 469-5409 ( or Perry Self (909) 469-5267 ( in the University Financial Services & Treasury.