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New CVM students walk the Esplanade. We love having our students back on the WesternU Pomona campus this week during Welcome Week and Welcome Back.
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University Risk Management

University Risk Management ensures to protect the physical, human resources and financial assets of the University while reducing exposure to accidental loss before it occurs. It has the responsibility of carrying out the policies of the University in matters not only relating to insurance, but also the managing of risk issues within the University. We work closely with you and your department to manage the risks to the University.

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Our Role

To collaborate with faculty, staff, students, Colleges and Departments, and the community to help you meet your goals while still protecting the University. Working together we can accomplish both.


Our mission is to be a resource for and a service unit to the University. In order to successfully manage risk means our office will work with you to identify potential exposures and develop the most effective solutions.


Our vision is to strive to improve and raise awareness of risk management by providing the necessary services to faculty, staff, students, Colleges and Departments by identifying and investigating risks of loss.


Our goal is to collaborate with the campus community to provide excellent and timely risk management resources and services to our internal and external customers, identify and assess risk, increase safety and decrease the potential loss while advancing the mission of the University.

We reach these goals by:

  • Treating others in a professional and courteous manner;
  • Taking responsibility for finding a solution to an issue for those seeking our services; and
  • Continuously evaluating and improving our performance.
  • Services

    General Consulting

    The Office of Risk Management is a resource to its Colleges and Departments. We will help you meet your goals while still protecting the University.

    Risk Identification

    Identify and assess risks inherent in the University’s current and contemplated operations and activities, and help develop operating procedures that will minimize the University’s vulnerability to achieving its goals.

    Administration of Property and Casualty Insurance Program

    • General Liability
    • Commercial Property
    • Business Automobile Liability
    • Healthcare Professional Liability
    • Educators Legal Liability
    • Workers Compensation
    • Student Excess Accident Insurance

    Certificate of Insurance

    Outside parties often request the University to confirm that it has secured the various types and levels of insurance in connection with contracts and agreements. The Office of Risk Management provides the Certificate of Insurance as proof of insurance.

    Claims Management

    Manage claim filing process for liability claims: Property, Automobile, General Liability, Healthcare Professional Liability, Educators Legal Liability, Student Accident.

    Contract Review

    Review of contracts containing insurance provisions, waivers of subrogation, additional insured requirements, indemnification, or hold harmless clauses.

    Release of Liability and Waiver Forms

    Prepare Release of Liability forms in consultation with University General Counsel.

  • Forms
  • Staff

    Portrait of Chique Magsino

    Chique Magsino

    Director of Risk Management

    (909) 469-5452

    Contact Us

    Got a question? Contact us.
    Telephone: (909) 469-5452
    Fax: (909) 469-5384