Harris Family Center for Disability & Health Policy (CDHP)

About the Harris Family Center for Disability & Health Policy

“The new consumerism need not be regarded as a threat to medicine or as anything alien. It can be an important source of the physician’s support and growth, for what it is actually doing is seeking the best in the physician, even as the physician seeks to bring out the best in the patient.” -Norman Cousins, PhD

WesternU established the Center for Disability and Health Policy (CDHP) in 1998 in response to the concerns of the disabled community, which is emerging as one of the nation’s fastest growing and least understood minority groups. The Center goals include but are not limited to: improving the capabilities of health care providers to meet the growing needs of people with disabilities, increasing the number of qualified individuals with disabilities who pursue careers in the health professions, and empowering people with disabilities to become more vocal and active participants in their health care.

The Center operates under the direction of Brenda Premo, MBA, the former director of the California Department of Rehabilitation during Governor Pete Wilson’s administration. An advisory board comprised of health professionals, educators, public policy leaders and people with disabilities also guides the Center’s programs.

When fully developed, the Center plans to sponsor educational activities and curriculum development for health professionals serving people with disabilities. The Center also plans to engage in applied research endeavors to develop continuing education programs for current providers. The long-range activities are designed to improve patient care delivery through advocating basic changes in social and policy issues affecting the health of people with disabilities.

Please explore our ever-evolving site. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or concerns, please contact the Center at (909) 469-5441. Your opinions and ideas are welcome!