Requirements for Disability Documentation

Students requesting accommodations from the Harris Family Center for Disability and Health Policy (HFCDHP) at Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) must disclose the need for accommodations and submit documentation of their disability.  

Eligibility for reasonable accommodations and services are determined through the interactive process considering disability documentation, student report of how their condition impacts them, perceived need for accommodations, history of accommodations (if any) and specific program requirements including technical standards.

Students who suspect they have a disability are encouraged to contact HFCDHP to discuss options for obtaining documentation.

To submit disability documentation, follow the steps below. Please note: types of documentation accepted by HFCDHP may include letters from healthcare professionals, Visit Summaries from Urgent Care or Emergency Room, psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluations, audiograms and vision evaluations.

  1. Download the Requirements for Disability Documentation and provide to your healthcare provider to request documentation of your disability
  2. Email and attach a pdf version (no image files) of disability-related documentation that supports your request.
  3. HFCDHP will inform you if additional documentation is required. Students may expedite this process by completing the Authorization to Release Confidential Information form


When determining reasonable accommodations, HFCDHP will consider all recommendations suggested by the healthcare provider.