Computing Resources

Software Downloads and Plug-ins

Licensed Software Available to WesternU Students

Blackboard Mobile Learn. A free mobile application that brings two-way teaching and learning to mobile devices and gives students the ability to check grades and assignments, view documents, create threaded discussion posts and comment on blogs and journals, upload content and view documents, view course rosters and more. Available from the App Store, Android Marketplace, or download site most appropriate  for your mobile device. 

Graphpad's Prism logoGraphpad
A powerful combination of biostatistics, curve fitting (nonlinear regression) and scientific graphing in one comprehensive program.

Endnote for Windows and Macs
The library provides a bibliographic management software that allows users to save and organize citations for your research papers. Visit the library’s EndNote page for documentation, tutorials and tip sheets.

The library also provides a variety of mobile apps for your clinical practice such as DynaMed Plus and Micromedex . Visit the Library’s Mobile Devices research guide for information as well as free guides, tips and tutorials on the use of mobile devices or contact the library at 909-469-5323 or reference@westernu.edu for more information

Medical Education iPad Apps. A compendium of publicly available information of the best and most used Medical Education Applications to teach future doctors using the IPAD.

Free Plug-ins and Helper Applications

The following links provide access to plug ins and other software commonly used in Western University programs:

Adobe Acrobat Icon Adobe Acrobat Reader ®
Allows you to open and print Portable Document Format (pdf) files.

Macromedia Flash Icon Adobe Flash Player ®
Allows you to play animations on the Web.

Macromedia Shockwave Icon Adobe Shockwave Player ®
Windows Version. Allows you to view interactive, rich-media web content using 3-D technology.

Apple Quicktime Icon Apple QuickTime Media Player ®
Allows you to play streaming audio and video clips compressed using Apple’s QuickTime Media technology.

RealMedia Icon RealOne Player ® RealMedia
Allows you to play streaming audio and video files compressed using RealAudio and RealMedia technologies.

Windows Media Icon Windows Media Player ®
Allows you to play streaming audio and video clips compressed using Windows Media technology.

Winzip Icon WinZip ® Archive Utility
Allows you to compress and decompress files for archiving or email exchange.