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Clickers – Classroom Responders/Audience Response System

Some programs routinely use audience response technology (also called clickers) for polling, testing, or taking attendance during their interactive classroom sessions. If yours is such a program, the following information will be useful to you.

Setting Up and Using Your Clicker

Before class begins, you will need to make sure the frequency of your clicker matches the frequency assigned to your classroom. To do this:

  1. Change clicker frequencyClick the Menu button
  2. Use the Yes button to scroll down to Change Channel
  3. Click Enter
  4. Enter the frequency number
  5. Click Enter to save it.

For a list of classroom frequencies see Classroom Clicker Frequencies The following provides an overview of ResponseCard features:

Troubleshooting Common Problems

  • I’ve registered my clicker, but it keeps trying to get me to change my channel. Your device can only send responses when the TurningPoint session is active. Otherwise, it will prompt you to change your channel (i.e., frequency) or will tell you that it is not currently accepting answers.  NOTE: Your ResponseCard device must be registered for it to work in class. The Device ID number may be typed incorrectly or not on the list. Check with your instructor.
  • I’m in an active TurningPoint session, but clicker still wants me to change the channel. Your device may be set to a frequency that is different from the one set for the classroom. Check the TurningPoint Frequencies document list above or consult with your instructor to verify the classroom frequency, and change the channel on your device if necessary.
  • I’m trying to register my clicker but it shows that I already have a device registered. You only have to register your ResponseCard once, no matter how many classes you are enrolled in. If your device ID has changed from what is currently showing, you will have to re-register your clicker.
  • My clicker screeen often goes blank, even after I’ve just used it. The ResponseCard device is designed to shut off after several seconds in order to save your batteries. To turn it back on, press any button and the screen will pick up where you last left it. You may also press the Menu button at anytime to return to the menu screen.
  • My clicker screen stays blank no matter what buttons I press. Your ResponseCard batteries may need to be replaced. Each device comes equipped with two AAA batteries. Students are responsible for replacing the batteries in their own clickers.

NOTE: If the screen remains blank even after the batteries have been replaced, your clicker maybe broken or defective. You can return it to the bookstore if the device is less than one year oldStudents are responsible for replacing devices which were purchased used, or are more than one year old. If you have a how-to that you want us to post on this page, please send an e-mail to edtech@westernu.edu with a description of your request.