Project Definition, Request and Workflow


Any body of work that is temporary and has any combination of the following: it requires 40+ hours of IT resource time, requires coordination from 2+ divisions, requires coordination with 2+ IT resources, or has hard costs of $10,000+ where the work effort also exceeds $10,000.

**Note – one of the 2+ divisions requiring coordination does include IT

Submit Project Request


Request Process Flow

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Flowchart Governance
A A End Evaluator Routes to Appropriate IT Governance Subcommittee Approved Project Requestor Submits Project Request Communication to Requestor to submit as regular ticket Meets Project Definition? Start End Subcommittee Communicates Approval Status to Requestor;... Subcommittee Communicates Approval Status to Requestor;... Steering Committee Reviews and Communicates Approval Status to... Requires Steering Committee Approval? IT Security, Risk, and Compliance Enterprise Applications & Databases Research Technologies Educational Technologies