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College of Optometry students getting hands-on training in suturing using a suturing pad.
WesternU / COVID-19 Information / Resources & Support

Resources & Support

Important Forms


Daily Screening Survey

This survey must be completed each day prior to arriving on campus. You must receive a green “Pass” screen for campus access.

Report a COVID-19 Test Result

This link is for reporting any COVID-19 test results.
Including self-test home kits or those obtained off-campus.

COVID-19 Exposure, Symptoms, Positive Test Report form

This form will initiate the WesternU Contact Tracing process. Please contact if you have any questions.

  • Activity Questionnaire

    Please use this form to request any non-curricular on- or off-campus activity. All non-curricular activities now require approval from the CRT. Due to infection rate fluctuations and COVID-19 variants statistics, the need for CRT to review these activity forms will for now be on a month-to-month basis.

    The CRT will use this form to evaluate the activity’s planned procedures and make recommendations on any protocols that need to be improved upon or followed before the activity may be held. Please e-mail completed forms 2 weeks in advance of the activity to: for approval. The CRT requires activity organizers to keep a list of all event attendees for both on-campus and off-campus activities. In the event of an outbreak, attendee lists will be requested for contact tracing purposes.

  • International Travel Report

    • Complete the International Travel Report form each time you plan international travel. Prior to making international travel plans we suggest you review the latest travel advisories for Los Angeles County or Linn County, Oregon. Email to report international travel cancellations.