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College of Optometry students getting hands-on training in suturing using a suturing pad.
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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) assists the WesternU campuses in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment.

In order to ensure that WesternU has an adequate inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) for students, faculty, and staff – the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) requests that all orders for PPE be routed through EH&S for processing. Since the domestic supply chain for PPE is experiencing significant delays and inflated prices, it is beneficial for the University to combine its total PPE purchases to secure lower prices and more timely deliveries.


EH&S and Procurement Services are currently working together to ensure an efficient, effective, and timely workflow that will meet the needs of the University. To ensure the University has sufficient PPE supplies, the following process has been established and will be in place until further notice:

Individual colleges/departments must designate a contact person and back up for PPE requests.

Please send the contact name and college/department to

The approved contact person may submit a PPE Request form, which is then automatically routed to EH&S.


EH&S will be responsible for fulfilling PPE Requests by:

Filling or partially filling the request from WesternU Inventory and providing pick-up instructions to the contact person within 2 business days; or
If the request can only be partially filled, or not filled at all, EH&S will inform the requestor of this fact and route a purchase request to Procurement Services.

Procurement Services will be responsible for ensuring adequate PPE inventory and other PPE as requested.

WesternU Administration is very concerned about maintaining a safe, healthy environment for learning; therefore, Procurement Services and EH&S are diligently working and succeeding in identifying PPE needs and purchasing appropriate levels of PPE supplies to ensure no disruption in teaching/rotations occur due to internal inventory shortages. Additionally, we are purchasing PPEs now in anticipation of shortages occurring again this fall if a second wave of COVID-19 hits.

N95 masks will be made available to all vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff members when requested for campus or clinical usage; however, the use of the N95 mask in non-clinical settings is optional unless otherwise directed. Please email to request an N95 for campus or clinical usage.