Corporate investment in higher education has never been more important than it is today. The students and faculty of Western University of Health Sciences have long benefited from ever-increasing support from local and regional business communities. In turn, our corporate partners have realized a return on investment measured in goodwill and positive visibility, as well as in more tangible terms such as increased networking and business opportunities and access to faculty and the resources of a leading-edge educational institution.


Corporate support comes in a variety of forms: grants and contracts for medical research, student rotation and residency opportunities, in-kind gifts of equipment and educational materials as well as direct funding for student scholarships, endowed chairs for faculty and needed capital improvements. Many companies not traditionally linked with health related and medical colleges have also discovered the benefits of a strong association with Western University. In looking after the physical well-being of their workforce and with an eye to increasing workplace satisfaction and retention, businesses are learning to call upon the extraordinary expertise available to them at Western University.


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