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Eye Care Institute (ECI)

Collaboration with Molina Healthcare of California:  to provide primary eye and medical care to local and rural communities. The Molina Healthcare will identify communities where individuals have challenges accessing care and will coordinate with us dates and times eyecare services provided in these areas.


Eye Care Institute (ECI):  The ECI provides the clinical training for College of Optometry interns who, upon graduation, possess the clinical skills to provide comprehensive, compassionate care to their patients.  The didactic and clinical programs provide a strong emphasis on optometric rehabilitation which includes vison therapy, low vision rehabilitation and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.  In the ECI, student interns, under the guidance of faculty preceptors, provide comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and economic status. 


  • Provide comprehensive primary care exams, diabetic retinal exams, treatment of urgent ocular conditions, provide follow-up care on chronic ocular conditions (eg. glaucoma, retinal conditions, etc.) and work with other healthcare providers to ensure the healthcare needs of the patients are being addressed.
  • Provide optical services to the community

Future Services

  • Provide physical examinations, blood draw/lab work, care for small wounds/lesions, and counsel/teach patients about their health and how to improve it.


(909) 469-833

The Eye Care Institute at the Patient Care Center, WesternU