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FACE is committed to promoting integrated perspectives, activities, and resources that serve to enhance the lives of individuals with ASD and their significant others to help optimize function and promote the highest possible quality of life.

 Foundational Principles

In order to fulfill our mission, FACE has identified the following foundational principles that guide all endeavors:
  • ASD is a “treatable whole body disorder”
  • ASD is too complex for single-minded, narrow, or rigid approaches, as every individual on the spectrum is different
  • ASD is a “spectrum” diagnosis, requiring a “spectrum” of perspectives, resources, treatments, and services
  • Multiple and diverse perspectives are both valuable and needed to help individuals, families, and professionals maximize opportunities for purposeful intervention
  • Integrated perspectives and approaches can help address the tremendous fragmentation that exists in the field, which often impairs the ability to access the continuum of needed services and treatments and serves to compound ASD-related hardships
  • ASD creates a “ripple effect,” impacting significant others, families, entire communities, and society at large
  • Efforts on behalf of individuals with autism/ASD should focus on abilities, on what the person CAN do, not just deficit areas; a baseline of “functionality” serves as a healthy foundation on which to build
  • ASD is not only a pediatric disorder; attention must also be paid to older children and adults with ASD

WesternU partner theautismNETWORK wins Communitas Award

The Autism Channel, which has partnered with Western University of Health Sciences to raise awareness about autism issues, is one of about 30 organizations and corporations to receive a 2013 Communitas Award, an international effort to recognize the spirit of communitas – people helping people.Click here to read the full story.

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Autism Intersection… now streaming on theautismNETWORK

ASD is too complex for narrow or single-minded perspectives. The notion that there is a right answer or a single best approach is limiting and potentially harmful when trying to address it.more