Keys and ID Access Cards

Key and ID Access Cards

Facilities & Physical Plant and Campus Safety work together to maintain an access control system for the safety of its students, staff and community members.

Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event that your keys and/or ID Access Cards are lost or stolen, you must immediately email both and so that we may deactivate your access card.

Hard Keys Request

To request new or replacement hard keys you must submit a service request form, the request will notify your supervisor and will need to be approved by them in order for your key request to be processed. Once the keys are ready, the requestor will receive an email. The person that the keys are being issued to must pick up their own keys, only extenuating circumstances will allow for keys to be picked up by their supervisor. A signature is required to receive hard keys.

ID Access Cards/Badges

To request your replacement ID Access Card.

•Email and once you receive a confirmation email you may come to the University Services Building to pick up.

Fees for Lost ID Access Cards

1st Replacement $10
2nd Replacement $10
3rd Replacement $10
4th Replacement $50


Office availability & Pickup Time/Hours

On-site office hours are limited to Mondays and Tuesdays 10:00am – 2:00pm or by pre-scheduled appointment.