Strategic Plan


Western University of Health Sciences College of Health Sciences aspires to be the College of choice for students seeking to serve on interprofessional teams as Health Educators, Administrators, Health Promotion Specialists, Physician Assistants, and Physical Therapists, who will contribute to the body of evidence and enhance patient-centered care.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Health Sciences mirrors that of Western University of Health Sciences, while giving special emphasis to the role of the College in helping to educate and train health sciences care workforce for the State of California and the western United States.

The Mission of the College of Health Sciences is to support Western University of Health Science’s mission by:

  • Providing health sciences students with the knowledge and skills basic to the practice of their disciplines, instilling them with the fundamental attitudes of professionalism, teaching, compassionate care, for a diverse patient population.
  • Preparing educators and clinicians to teach and serve in the health professions.
  • Providing excellent educational programs for health sciences professions students, including physician assistant and physical therapy students.
  • Promotion and modeling excellence, cost-effectiveness, and innovation in healthcare; participating in health care research, and disseminating health information to the public.
  • Promoting understanding and appreciation of other health professionals through student and faculty participation in interprofessional education.


  • To educate health sciences workforce that helps to meet the needs of the State of California and the west.
    • To support students, alumni, and educators in their professional development and in the delivery of health services to a diverse population.
      • Determine the direction of the Health Sciences, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy professions.
    • To recruit, admit, and retain the most qualified professional students to the College of Health Sciences.
      • Engage in the Strategic Enrollment Management efforts of the University.
      • Use an advising/mentoring process that focuses on retention, progression, and graduation of competent health professionals.
      • Engage in educational outreach activities by creating educational partnerships with K-12, primary, secondary, and high school education institutions.
    • To ensure the availability and quality of adequate patient populations and clinical sites for all students in the College of Health Sciences.
      • Explore new relationships and partnerships with medical facilities/practitioners.
      • Explore centralizing rotations across colleges at WesternU.
      • Explore integrating rotations across colleges and WesternU.
  • To further enhance scholarly activities in the College of Health Sciences.
    • Seek and develop opportunities for funding from private and public sources.
    • Enhance research infrastructure development within the College.
    • Participate in university-wide research committees.
    • Engage in collaborative scholarly activities.
  • To maintain an environment that promotes teamwork and supports communication among administration, faculty, and staff.
    • Continue to practice effective communication.
    • Encourage activities that facilitate effective teamwork.
  • Enhance opportunities for faculty and staff development.



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