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SoCalTrykers event at CSULB

On February 2nd, 2020, Students from the Department of Physical Therapy Education with Peds professor Dr. Roback, participated with CSULB PT students, their Peds instructor Dr. Spina and the community group SoCalTrykers ( https://socaltrykers.wixsite.com/ambucs) in an adaptive bike assessment day, assisting children and adolescents with special needs and their families. They were able to assist 23 families in supporting their child’s drive towards independent functional mobility and were able to do so surrounded by a community of many in an environment that ensured their safety, success and enjoyment. Each student that participated in the day was able to support an assessment, gain hands on experience with adaptive seating and equipment, and formally assess an environment using clinical skills to identify contextual factors impacting participation.


American Public Health Association (APHA), Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Theresa Dang, MS; Ms. Ifeoluwa Adesina, MS; Ms. Nareh Avedian, MS; Ms. Eryn Peeler, S-PT; Dr. Dee Schilling, and Dr. Gail Evans Grayson, presented a poster at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 3-6, 2019. The student-led presentation was on “Participant’s perspectives on oral hygiene behavioral changes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often experience greater challenges in maintaining good oral hygiene. There is a need for an alternative or specialized approach for the oral health care for children with ASD. Current approaches are both anxiety-producing and costly.

Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Conference, Anaheim, CA

Dr. Karin Roback, PT, DPT, EdD presented a poster with Dr. Dayle Armstrong, MS, PT, DPT, c/PhD at the 2019 national Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy conference in Anaheim, CA. Their poster was titled “Application of the ICF Model in the Pediatric Curriculum of an Entry-Level DPT Program.” Many WesternU students and alumni attended the conference, including students from all three current DPT cohorts.


Congratulations to Dr. Gunnar Fillerup, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, on becoming a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedics.

Poster Presentation

Dr. Steven Snyder, PT, DPT, CSCS, presented at the American Association of Clinical Anatomist in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Description and Comparison of Bilateral Variations of the Soleus Accessorius Muscle in a Cadaver.

WesternU Department of Physical Therapy receives accreditation for another 10 years!!!

The College of Health Sciences is extremely pleased to announce that the Department of Physical Therapy Education has once again received the maximum 10-year reaccreditation approval from the Commission of Physical Therapy Education. This well-earned reaccreditation status is the reflection of amazing faculty teamwork, dedicated staff support, strong leadership, and support of University colleagues and administration.  The accreditation site team noted our commitment to excellence as evidenced in strong curriculum, exemplary on-time graduation rate, and 100% licensure exam pass rate (last 2 years).  Thank you to all participants and supporters – it takes a village.    

DPT Faculty wishes the Class of 2019 much success in their future endeavors

Congratulations DPT and TDPT 2019!

 Department of Physical Therapy Class of 2019
Transitional Department of Physical Therapy (TDPT) Class of 2019

Congratulations Dr. Chaney!

The College of Health Sciences and the Department of Physical Therapy say farewell and Happy Retirement to Dr. Casey Chaney PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS. Dr. Chaney has 25 years of teaching, research and service to WesternU and now will be enjoying her retirement while relaxing with her dog, Max. Congratulations Dr. Chaney! The College of Health Sciences and the Department of Physical Therapy wish you a happy retirement and thank you for many years of knowledge and dedication. You will be dearly missed!

Walk MS

DPT 2020 students participated in Walk MS on April 27th at the Epicenter in Rancho Cucamonga. The students conducted movement screenings, device management, and taping.

Utilizing 3D Printing in Anatomy

WesternU DPT 2021 students with the guidance of Dr. Snyder, used 3D printing as a learning strategy to draw the ligaments of the foot and ankle.

3D printing allows students to visualize and feel bony landmarks. These specific grooves and projections act specifically as attachments for ligaments and muscles. Physically drawing the ligaments is a great tool to understanding 3D structures and anatomical significance.



WesternU Doctor of Physical Therapy program was ranked 15th in Nation by our most important Stakeholders…our students & alumni.



Celebrating 25 years of Teaching, Research, and Service.

Dr. Casey Chaney, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS, celebrated 25 years of teaching, research and service to WesternU. Thank you Dr. Chaney for your knowledge and dedication.

Poster Presentation

Dr. Casey Chaney, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS – presented at the National Academies of Practice in Pentagon City, DC on Graduate School: Hazardous to Health?

Poster Presentation

Dr. Karin Roback, EdD, PT, DPT – presented at the Lilly Conference in Anaheim, Ca. on Implementation Online Graduate Degree Programs with Fieldwork Component.

Learning Enhancement & Academic Development (LEAD)

Functional Electrical Stimulation assisted Cycle (FESC) – Clinical Trial

Dr. Harsha Deoghare, Chair, Department of Physical therapy Education at WesternU is leading a clinical trial in Collaboration with Community Regional medical Center, Fresno. (https://tinyurl.com/Clinicaltrial-FESC). This first of its kind study will evaluate, an innovative method for the prevention and treatment of ICU acquired weakness using functional electrical stimulation assisted cycle (FESC) that can be attached to an ICU bed. The effect of FESC applied within 48 hours of ICU admission on muscle mass, strength, and physical function, as well as length of hospital stay and healthcare utilization will be evaluated in the study. Patients who cannot participate in traditional mobility training and ambulation intervention in the ICU, due to barriers including sedation, hemodynamic instability and invasive monitoring and interventions, can also be treated early during their ICU stay using this novel method. The results of this trial will provide data to guide the early rehabilitation treatment of critically ill patients in the ICU. For more details please watch the recently aired ‘MedWatch Today’ segment on this study produced by KSEE24 and CBS47. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5jCFZCFi94&feature=youtu.be


Pelvic Floor Health Course at Western University of Health Sciences

Assessment and Treatment of the Female Pelvic Floor: Everything You Need to Get Started
Saturday, March 30, 8:00am-5:30pm

This one day course combines lecture and hands on lab experience to provide an introduction to common female pelvic floor diagnoses, assessment strategies, and treatment options.

At the conclusion of the program, the participant will be able to:
– Identify the female pelvic floor musculature and associated visceral structures
– List the functions of the pelvic floor musculature
– Identify conditions commonly associated with pelvic floor muscle weakness (e.g. urinary incontinence and prolapse)
– Identify conditions commonly associated with pelvic hypertonicity (e.g. chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis)
– Demonstrate the ability to safely perform internal and external assessment of the pelvic floor musculature and associated structures

Don’t Be Afraid of the Male Pelvic Floor: These Guys Need Your Help
Sunday, March 31, 8:00am-5:30pm

Come join us for a chat about Male Pelvic Health in PT. With 6-12% of men suffering from chronic pelvic pain and 4-21% of men experiencing urinary incontinence the role of physical therapy for men’s health issues has never been more important. Whether the symptoms are pelvic region pain in a younger group or bladder control problems in an older group, either way we as physical therapists play a large part in their recovery. Please join us so we can guide you through several clinical presentations of men’s health issues throughout the lifespan. You will see both low-tech and high-tech methods of investigation and intervention to assist with proper clinical decision making. This population needs you and this course will be a link towards adding them into your daily appointment schedule.

At the conclusion of the program, the participant will be able to:
– Classify common concepts in male pelvic health:
            a. Incontinence related to prostatectomy and cystectomy
            b. Pelvic pain syndromes
– Recognize anatomical and physiological mechanisms that potentially contribute to male pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions.
– Establish competence in examination, evaluation, and intervention of common male pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions using sEMG, manual therapy, behavioral techniques, and therapeutic exercise.
– Recognize the existence of male pelvic health issues within a typical outpatient musculoskeletal setting and why we should embrace learning more about this population.
– Appraise ongoing research efforts to determine useful screening and intervention tools to enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy evaluation and intervention.

Speakers: Lindsey Liggan, PT, DPT; Daniel Kirages, PT, DPT
When: March 30-31, 2019

Location: Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA
CEUs: One Day: 7.5 contact hours or 0.75 CEUs; Two Days: 15 contact hours or 1.5 CEUs