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Plant-based diet program graduates first round of Roseburg participants

ROSEBURG, Ore. — We first told you about a local doctor who brought a plant-based diet program to Roseburg called the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP for short) started with three people in the class. Monday night, the program’s ‘class number two’ had more than 30 people graduate, and participants say CHIP has helped them to get off their medications.

Portrait of Tom and Pat Bryant of Days Creek

Tom and Pat Bryant of Days Creek dramatically changed their diet and improved their health.

Heart attack prompts dramatic change

DAYS CREEK — Two years ago, rancher Tom Bryant had a heart attack. Until then, he thought of himself as pretty healthy for a septuagenarian. He exercised, ate good farm-fresh food and kept busy working his ranch and installing water pumps for wells and irrigation. He was on a hunting trip in Eastern Oregon with wife Pat Bryant when it happened. He felt pressure on his chest at several points during the day. Finally, they decided to go to a hospital in John Day. Doctors there told him he had experienced a mild heart attack and he should stay the night. When Pat returned for her husband the next morning, she learned he was being taken by LifeFlight to a hospital in Bend.Read more at

portrait of Joe Clyde, 77, and his wife, Margene Clyde, 75

Joe Clyde, 77, and his wife, Margene Clyde, 75, stopped eating animal products a year ago. Since then, their health has improved and they’ve lost weight.

Vegan lifestyle transforms couple’s life

WINCHESTER — Their transition began when they attended last year’s Extraordinary Living conference at Umpqua Community College and heard a presentation by Roseburg physician Charlie Ross, a lifestyle-medicine specialist who advocates a vegan diet.Read more at