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Rideshare Program

Welcome to the WesternU Employee Rideshare Incentive Program!

Ridesharing is one of the strongest means in reducing smog emissions and improving the overall air quality in our communities. For this reason, Western University of Health Sciences encourages all regular full-time and part-time employees to try alternative methods of transportation to and from work. Employees who use alternate means of transportation or carpool Monday – Friday between the hours of 6:00am and 10:00am qualify.

Our Rideshare Incentive Program includes the incentives listed below. Eligible employees may choose to participate in either the Bonus Pay incentive or the Public Transit Subsidy incentive.


A bonus of $3.00 will be paid to employees for each day that they carpool, bicycle, or walk to work. Employees who ride with one or more people in the car at least ½ the distance from home to work are eligible for this incentive. This includes child riders on their way to school or daycare. WesternU supports the mission of reducing air pollution emitted by having additional vehicles on the road by encouraging alternative methods of commute, including carpooling. Therefore, taking a taxi cab or other private ride-for-hire to work would not constitute as alternative method of transportation to promote reduction of air pollution.

PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle): Individuals who drive a PHEV are eligible for the $3.00 Bonus Pay per day incentive provided that the entire home-to-work trip is made exclusively under electric power without use of the gasoline engine or cogeneration system.

Motorcycles: 2 riders are required at least ½ the distance of the home-to-work trip in order to qualify for the $3.00 per day Bonus Pay incentive. Single riders are not eligible for the Bonus Pay incentive.

An email will be sent out at the end of each month requesting the Rideshare Incentive Forms from those employees that participate in the Bonus Pay incentive. The form can also be found online at the following link: Rideshare Online Incentive Form. If you experience technical issues, please use this PDF version of the Rideshare Incentive Form and submit the completed paper form to RideshareOHR@westernu.edu.

The bonus will be included in the employee’s payroll check after the first full payroll period of the month following receipt and approval of the Rideshare Incentive Form by the Rideshare Coordinator.


Reimbursement of up to a maximum of $120.00 per month for the combination of bus and/or train passes/tickets will be paid. Employees may submit receipts for passes/tickets for reimbursement by scanning and emailing them to the Employee Transportation Coordinator or through the RideshareOHR@westernu.edu email.


WesternU partners with regional Guaranteed Ride Home Programs (GRH) to provide a reimbursed ride home to employees who, through the IECommuter and Metro rideshare programs, participate in the Rideshare Incentive Program and have an emergency during normal working hours. The GRH can be used for a taxi, Uber, or a rental car. At this time the GRH program is only available to employees whose primary campus location is in Pomona. Reimbursement amount and usage limits may apply.  For more information, please follow the links below:

Guaranteed Ride Home Program Handbook

Metro Rideshare Guaranteed Ride Home Page

IECommuter/IE511.org Guaranteed Ride Home Page


Gift certificates, movie tickets, and other items* will be raffled periodically in recognition to those who use alternative means of transportation to work and participate in the Rideshare Incentive Program.

Additionally, if you participate in the Rideshare Incentive Program at least once a month for each of the three months in a quarter, WesternU will provide a $5 gift card to the University Bookstore.*


Looking for WesternU carpool partner?  We can send you a list of other WesternU employees that live in your zip code and who you can contact to rideshare. If you are interested, please send your home city and zip code requesting a list to RideshareOHR@westernu.edu.


All regular full-time and part-time WesternU employees in California, commuting to WesternU’s Pomona campus may be eligible to earn incentives simply by choosing to share a ride or take alternative methods of transportation to work. This is an incentive provided by LA Metro to recognize riders for doing their part to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

  • Metro Rewards – Win gift cards and Metro passes for ridesharing to work! Do you take the bus? Do you carpool? How about vanpooling or riding your bike? The new Metro Rewards program gives you a chance to enter a monthly drawing for Ridesharing. To be eligible for the Metro Rewards program log your commute using the Commute Calendar on the following link: Western University Health Science Pomona Participation Link
  • Vanpool – The typical vanpooler saves as much as 70% in commute costs when switching from driving alone to vanpooling. Metro’s Vanpool Program makes vanpooling more affordable than ever before by saving each vanpool up to a $400 per month on vehicle leasing costs. For more information email vanpool@metro.net or call 213.922.2535.



All regular full-time and part-time WesternU employees who reside in the Inland Empire (San Bernardino or Western Riverside Counties) and commute to the WesternU Pomona campus may be eligible to earn incentives simply by choosing to rideshare. This is an incentive provided by IECommuter/IE511.9org to assist in achieving regional goals to improve air quality

$2/Day Incentive: If you currently drive alone and are willing to start or join a new rideshare arrangement, (carpool, vanpool, telecommute, walk, bike, use a public bus o

  • certificates for the first three months. Visit https://www.ie511.org/rideshare/incentives for more information and to sign up.
  • Rideshare Plus: If you are currently ridesharing, you may qualify for the Rideshare Plus Rewards program that provides members with over $1,000 in premium coupons and unlimited discounts at thousands of merchants nationwide through our online SaversGuide. Visit https://www.ie511.org/rideshare/incentives for more information and to sign up.
  • Ridematching: Looking for a carpool partner? Visit iecommuter.org and sign up for an account to find others who have a similar commute and may be interested in sharing the ride.
  • Vanpool: Do you have a group of 5 or more who are looking for an easy and cost effective option for getting to work? Vanpool may be a great option for you! You can email Debra Meier, AICP at meierdj@iecommuter.org at IE Commuter to learn more.

            Questions? Call 1.866.RIDESHARE or visit www.iecommuter.org for more information.

*   Some rideshare recognition items are considered taxable income and, if applicable, will be taxed accordingly.