Technology Resources

Welcome to WesternU!

As a new WesternU employee, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following software applications and technology resources commonly used at the university. These resources can be found on our public Internet site ( or our Intranet site (

NOTE: Because the Intranet is only available on campus, the Intranet Home page and some of the other links mentioned below will be inaccessible from off-campus computers.

General Technology Resources

On our university Internet, you’ll find important information about the various information technologies used here in our Computing Resources area. In addition to explaining the structure of the Information Technology Department and the services it offers, you’ll find inform tion about spam filtering, spyware protection, and links for downloading useful plug-ins like Adobe Acrobat.

Campus Telephone System

Another useful tool is the campus Phone Directory, which is available from the menu bar at the top of any Web page on our public Internet site. If you want to learn how to forward, transfer, or conference phone calls using our Audix phone system, visit the Campus Phone System page (available on campus only).

Other Campus Resources

To familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus, or locate a specific area, please refer to our Campus Map.

To keep up with the latest campus news and events, visit the University Public Affairs area.

If you will be scheduling classes or meetings and need to locate an available meeting place, you will need to contact the designated Room Scheduler for your department. The current Room Reservation Calendars can be viewed by anyone on the Intranet.

To review policies and procedures relevant to your college or office, visit our Policies and Procedures page.

WesternU welcomes input from its employees. Forms for reporting Kudos, Risks, or Suggestions for improvement can be found on our University Comments page.

Business Applications

If your new role requires you to manage records using our Banner Information System, you will want to check out the Office of Banner Systems page. Also, you will find Banner-related forms on our Banner Forms and Reports Intranet page. Both of these pages are available only from the Intranet.

All employees who work with student records and other confidential information are required to familiarize themselves with the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA). These guidelines are summarized on the FERPA page in the Registrar area of the Intranet. New employees are automatically enrolled in our online FERPA course so they can demonstrate proficiency in this area.

Forms and Requests

Forms for requesting various campus services may be found on the Intranet under the Forms pull down menu (top navigational bar) or in the last column of of the Intranet Home Page. They can also be found on the Online Requests page in the Information Technology area of the Intranet.

If the request involves information stored on the Banner system, you will need to log in to Self-Service (Banweb) using the Self-Service (Banweb) Log in page. All new employees are provided with a Self-Service (Banweb) account for this purpose.

Software Training and Support

If your new role at WesternU requires you to learn new software applications, our IT Training page on the Intranet is the place to go. On this page you will find links to tutorials, handouts and other materials related to the following applications, among others:


  • Banner System
  • Self-Service (Banweb)
  • Our Course Management Systems
  • Room Reservation System
  • Web Content Administration

If you are new to computers and computer technology, we suggest you begin with the General Computer Operations page in this section.

Technical Support/Help Desk

If you experience technical difficulties or have questions on any software applications you are using, contact Technical Support at x5432 or If you want to learn more about the services provided by university’s Technical Support team, or track an outstanding tech support request, please visit the NetOps/User Support page.