Search Committee Guidelines

The Western University of Health Sciences and its Board of Trustees support equal employment in hiring decisions, and the President affirms this commitment in seeking to achieve racial/ethnic and gender diversity among the faculty. In order to further the effective employment practices and the practice of equal opportunity in faculty hiring initiatives, the University has adopted specific faculty/administrative recruitment and appointment procedures.

As an EEO Employer, Western University of Health Sciences is required to engage in outreach and other efforts to broaden the pool of qualified candidates to include groups previously excluded. Equal employment opportunity is the right of individuals to treatment on a non-discriminatory basis to achieve equality and equity for all.

The Office of Human Resources monitors and supports the Faculty/Administrative recruitment procedures to reach a broad pool of potential candidates, to ensure all candidates equitable consideration, to strengthen the University s hiring efforts, and to maintain the necessary documentation.

Following are guidelines explaining the appropriate procedures in each phase of the faculty hiring process. Select the following link to view the Search Committee Guidelines in their entirety.