Institute for Medical Educators

Admissions Committee


The admissions committee meeting and interview schedule is provided for your information. If you are not able to attend a meeting, please contact the Admissions Coordinator before the day of the meeting if possible. The committee meets on Thursdays at noon usually in the COMP Dean’s conference room; you will be notified one week in advance of changes to the location or time of the meeting. There will be an orientation for new committee members prior to the first meeting and a mentor will be assigned to each new member. Lunch is provided, plan on bringing your own beverage. If you have a dietary requirement, please contact the Admissions Coordinator with that information. The admissions committee will also meet to discuss admissions for the Lebanon campus charter class.


This is the first year of our paperless admissions process which means that you will be evaluating documents stored in NOLIJ. We are using NOLIJ in conjunction with Banner. NOLIJ is a document imaging software application that we are using to electronically store the application and all supporting document NOLIJ access will be given to each admissions committee member and training will take place at our first admissions committee meeting. You will find that NOLIJ is very user friendly.


Admissions Staff 

Susan M. Hanson, MS Executive Director of Admissions Ext. 5329
Martha Huizar Admissions Coordinator Ext. 5332
Marisela Guzman Admissions Counselor Ext. 5333
Thamara Navarro Admissions Counselor Ext. 5261
Jaziel Camacho Admissions Counselor Ext. 5377


In addition to the new application processing for the DO Program:

Marisela Guzman Linkage Applications
Thamara Navarro MSHS Program


ADEA Admissions Committee Workshop