Institute for Medical Educators

Interview Information

Interview Days

We interview twice a month between September and February each academic year. Interviews typically take place on Thursday, however we have added three Saturday interview days this year in an effort to provide all faculty with the opportunity to interview. On Thursday we interview forty candidates and on Saturday we interview one hundred candidates. The interview day schedule and agenda is available for your information; you are welcome to attend an Interviewee Orientation.


Interviews for the Pomona campus will take place on-campus; interviews for the Lebanon campus will take place at the Lebanon Community Hospital and nearby COMP-Northwest offices.  Selected COMP faculty will be asked to team with local medical professionals to interview candidates for the Lebanon campus on seven Saturdays between October and February.  

Interviewer Information

New faculty and faculty who have not previously interviewed are required to sign up for an Interviewer Orientation prior to your first interview day; three are scheduled, one each in August, September, and October.  File evaluation, interviewer evaluation forms, illegal questions, and interview format are reviewed.


You can easily sign-up to interview, just select the month, campus, and day you wish to interview and add your name to the pdf form.  Confirmation and team assignment will be emailed to you on Monday of each interview week.


Dress Code

This dress code is taken from the COMP DRESS CODE. All COMP employees are expected to project a professional attitude and appearance demonstrating pride in COMP/WesternU and to wear attire appropriate to the department or office in which they work.


Males who meet with external individuals:
Academic period (August through May): Business suits, sport coats, or full-length lab coats with slacks, collared shirts and ties.


Females who meet with external individuals:
Academic period (August through May): Suits (skirt/jacket or pants/jacket); dresses; slacks with a blouse, vest or sweater, skirt with a blouse, vest or sweater. Sleeveless tops/dresses may be worn, but when attending a meeting with external individuals they must be work with a vest, jacket or sweater, or full-length lab coat with dresses, slacks, skirt, blouse, vest or sweater.