Internal Audit & Advisory Services


The Board of Trustees provides governance and oversight to the University, but they have delegated their authority of developing policies and maintaining the control environment to the President. In turn, the President has delegated the authority of implementing policies and managing the control environment to the Colleges and Departments. Internal Audit and Advisory Services does not have the authority or responsibility for writing policies or maintaining the control environment, but rather is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the University’s processes and control environment.

Internal Audit & Advisory Services reports administratively through the Office of the President and reports functionally to the Board Audit Committee. The Board Audit Committee approves the Internal Audit Charter which clearly defines Internal Audit’s role and authority within the institution. 

The Internal Audit Protocols provides the guidelines by which Internal Audit will carry out the Charter. Please acquaint yourself with both before the start of an internal audit.


Internal Audit & Advisory Services Charter

Internal Audit and Advisory Services Protocols