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Inclusion and Humanism Overview

Study of Inclusion and Humanism at WesternU


Inclusion and Humanism Task Force

How does/should WesternU define humanism, inclusion and diversity? Do all students, faculty and staff feel equally included in the life of the university? The Inclusion and Humanism Task Force, chaired by Dr. Juan Ramirez, was charged with developing a plan for addressing this and other questions regarding the University’s philosophy relating humanism, diversity and inclusion (see below). The recently completed plan is designed to engage cross-campus dialogue with students, faculty, and staff on major issues surrounding these topics.

1a-b. How does/should WesternU define humanism, inclusion, and diversity?

2a-b. What is/should be the relationship between the University Mission and its commitment to humanism, inclusion, and diversity?

3a-b. Does the University mission statement and/or non-discrimination policy adequately characterize the nature of our commitment to diversity and inclusion? Should more be expected of the institution beyond a commitment to non-discrimination in our policies, processes and practices?

4. Do all students, faculty, and staff feel equally included in the life of the University?

5. Does our curriculum accurately and consistently portray diversity to ensure culturally-aware health care and education?

6. Do our current curricula adequately lay the foundation necessary for work and practice in an increasingly diverse and globally integrated society?

7. Are our clinical services meeting the needs of increasingly diverse populations and achieving quality health outcomes for all subgroups?

8. Are our recruitment and data collection strategies and policies for students, staff and faculty sufficient to insure a consistently diverse and successful talent pool?

9a-b. Do/should student and faculty support services and co-curricular programs engage campus humanism, diversity and inclusion?  


Inclusion and Humanism Plan Exploration of Humanism, Inclusion, and Diversity at WesternU


Exploration of humanism, inclusion, and diversity at WesternU will occur in three phases. The blueprint for uncovering any institutional gaps in University performance related to diversity and inclusion and the integration of humanism into our policies and practices was completed and approved in October 2018 (Planning). Data collection and analysis based on the plan will occur throughout 2019 and culminate in a report with observations and recommendations to be considered by the University (Discovery). Implementation of recommendations would likely begin in 2020 (Implementation).  


Planning Phases to Explore Inclusion and Humanism at WesternU


Implementation of the plan will begin in early 2019 with the formation of working groups that will explore humanism, inclusion, and diversity within several functional areas. Questions within the charge will be studied in two phases.  


Humanism and Inclusion Working Groups