The American Indian Health Career Ladder (AIHCL) is a pipeline fostering the progress of students from the community in becoming skilled and compassionate health care practitioners in a variety of medical and health care professions. This program, which mentors American Indian youth through their undergraduate education to eventual matriculation at Western University of Health Sciences, is based upon five pillars.

Students accepted to the program will be designated "Biomedical scholars" and presented with white coats upon their acceptance to the program. This will designate their embarking on a pathway to the medical professions.


Students in OMM lab

Expose students at an early age to the spectrum of health care professions available through a variety of methods, emphasizing practical experience and hands-on learning.

Develop math, science and verbal skills necessary for undergraduate and professional school admissions and success.

Enhance test taking skills and specific exam preparation, including PSAT, SAT and MCAT.

Retain biomedical scholars in AIHCL program through professional school graduation.

Produce culturally competent health care professionals.

Foster community involvement of biomedical scholars and encourage their commitment to practice with the medically underserved in their area.

Encourage family involvement and community investment in and support of medical scholars.