Learning Enhancement & Academic Development (LEAD)

Summer Preparedness and Readiness Course (SPaRC)

About SPaRC

The Summer Preparedness and Readiness Course (SPaRC) is a five week program designed to prepare incoming students for the rigors of their chosen program.  This course provides students with an introduction to applicable courses, skills, and competencies in an Inter-professional Education healthcare setting while easing their transition to a professional graduate program. SPaRC also helps students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the areas of academics, and inter- and intra-personal development. By the time school starts officially, SPaRC participants have been introduced to deans and faculty, know how to access crucial resources on campus, have experienced and dealt with information overload, and best of all have already connected with fellow students in and outside of their programs.

SPaRC dates will be June 10 to July 12, 2019. 



Why SPaRC?

Find out how SPaRC can make a difference to you.

How to Apply 

How to Apply

If you are an incoming WesternU student, find out how to sign up here.

SMSPP Resources


Information to help make your time in SPaRC better.





  “It works!!”

“This program was such a confidence booster. I have changed so much as a person after going through this class and am so confident and ready to take on my rigorous program.” – DPM

“I loved the optometry break out sessions! I really appreciated getting to meet some of the faculty and get a taste of what to expect! I loved the support and encouragement from LEAD and TAs! It has been an incredible value to me in building a strong foundation.” – OD






SPaRC Media



Be ready

 Intensive science & anatomy prep

  • Skeletal system
  • Gross anatomy
  • Head and neck anatomy
Be in the know 

In-depth introductions to WesternU specific courses

  • IPE (Inter-professional Education)
  • Community focused service learning
  • and more!
Develop mad skills

 Seminars on professional school skills

  • Study skills 
  • Time management
  • Test taking
  • Stress management





 Set up your application

  1. Log into your WesternU application account
  2. Submit a SPaRC Application

  3. On your Application Status Page is also a link

Enter information 

After submitting your application

  1. Expect confirmation to your WesternU email
  2. Contact harroyo@westernu.edu if you have issues
Make a payment

 Make your payment

  1. SPaRC is $950.00.
  2. Payment instructions are in the confirmation email