Learning Enhancement & Academic Development (LEAD)

The LEAD Team

Meet the LEAD Staff

LEAD staff works as an efficient and knowledgeable team. Although every counselor is proficient in the main areas of academic concern, each counselor also has at least one additional area of expertise. The result is that students often are not only seen by the counselor they may be starting out with, but are in addition referred by that first counselor to another team member, depending on how a student’s needs are best served. In addition, processes have been put into place to ensure that each student receives the best care possible with all counselors providing congruent information.

 Pomona, CA Staff

Dagmar Cofer

 Dagmar M. Goretzki Cofer, MS, MAMS

(909) 469-5203

Academic Life Skills Guru

AREAS: Academic skills training, Well-being, Stress management, Focus skills, Communication skills, Test taking strategies


Dagmar video 

Hector Arroyo

Hector Arroyo Jr., Ed.D.

Associate Director
(909) 469-8499

Group Dynamics & Tutoring Czar

AREAS: Academic editing, Graduate research skills, Academic skills training, Test taking strategies, ESL assistance, Communication Skills, Group dynamics


Hector video 




Neil Birt

Neil Birt, MS 

Learning Skills Specialist
(909) 706-3827

Tech Wizard & Exam Master

AREAS: Academic editing, Online Learning, Academic skills training, ESL assistance, Test taking strategies, Assessment, Data analysis

Neil video 


Learning Skills Specialist
(909) 469-8347

Writing Expert

AREAS: Academic writing and editing, Academic skills training, Wellbeing, Research skills, Communication skills, Career development 


Martha Ruelas

Martha Ruelas, MHSc

Office Manager
(909) 469-5325

The Hidden Hand of Success


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Lebanon, OR Staff


Karen video