Melissa Lopez



Learning Skills Specialist

(909) 469-8347

Joined in 2018




I am inspired by all the hardworking students pursuing their dreams in completing a graduate degree in health sciences. WesternU students work tirelessly to acquire knowledge of the human body (and those of our furry friends), committing to intensive studying, rigorous assessments and lots and lots of practice. Their pursuit of knowledge, however, is accompanied with a strong commitment to caring for others. Working to acquire complex knowledge with the ultimate goal of helping and healing others is what inspires me every day.





  • Finding beauty in nature is important for my wellbeing and helps remind me of all the positivity life brings.


  • COVID-19 took away my gym access but also brought me a new puppy. Running every day with my very energic puppy is a key factor for my wellbeing as well as frequent walks with family and friends.


  • Since the pandemic started, I have been attending ZOOM yoga sessions with my family which has taught me the power of self-awareness and self-care while still connecting with others safely.


  • Having such close relationships with my family and friends keeps me strong and joyful as I know I have others to lean on.



After work and during weekends, I enjoy cooking new and healthy meals with my family. Dinners may be followed by a nice bowl of ice cream because life is all about balance.