Learning Enhancement & Academic Development (LEAD)




Experience the benefits of wellbeing      __________________________________________________________


LEAD offers wellbeing support to students at WesternU.  With this support, students become more knowledgeable and skilled at managing the demands and busy schedules associated with a rigorous graduate health sciences curricula. 

To counteract stress and burnout,  LEAD offers a broad range of wellbeing resources such as workshops, engaging activities.  These resources are part of LEAD’s comprehensive wellbeing initiative that includes four domains.  Resources within each of the four domains exist to fit your specific wellbeing needs.




Social: A Key Component of Wellbeing

Social connections are essential for success in a health sciences graduate degree program.  LEAD offers opportunities for you to develop yourself socially, improve your communication skills, and develop new friends.  By strengthening yourself socially, you will develop your interpersonal and communication skills, two of the top competencies identified for residents by the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  Join LEAD in developing your social skills while getting connected with other students, faculty, and staff at WesternU.

Available at LEAD

All 9 colleges visit LEAD

Study space for students

 Bi-monthly social events 






Meet new people at LEAD 

Attend one of LEAD’s many social and fun activities that regularly draw 80 or more students from all nine colleges.  Find new friends at LEAD’s student space open 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Grow your academic and life skills at LEAD 

During your academic counseling appointment, we’ll discuss new insights about yourself and your social goals.

Mind: A Key Component of Wellbeing

Taking greater care of your mind leads to improvement in your physical and emotional wellbeing.  With these efforts, you will become more aware of and more effectively manage your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.  LEAD can help you improve your skills in this area. 

Available at LEAD

Certified meditation facilitator

Wellbeing ideas on display 

Gratitude activities 






Individual mindful meditation sessions 

LEAD offers mindful meditation as a way to train your mind and improve your cognitive functioning for your physical and mental health.


Providing meditation support to student clubs

LEAD works closely with student clubs and other university departments to provide customized mindful meditation sessions. 




Self: A Key Component of Wellbeing

The ability to know one’s self is needed to make better decisions in obtaining a healthy and fulfilling life.  Your focus on one’s self is also needed to care for others.  LEAD can help you develop knowledge and skills to better know yourself and care for others.

Available at LEAD

Book exchange program

Reflective writing activities 

Self-assessment inventories






Care for your self, mind, and body

Attend a LEAD sponsored yoga session to achieve healing for yourself.  Sessions are led by current students who are practicing yoga instructors.  




Find a location for peace

LEAD offers a relaxing space where students can find a quiet study area or take a well-deserved break.  






Body: A Key Component of Wellbeing

A healthy body is critical for students to thrive in a rigorous academic graduate program.  Behaviors helping students achieve better health are associated with less perceived stress, improved cognitive performance, and increased academic achievement.  LEAD offers support for you to achieve a healthy body in areas such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

Available at LEAD

Infused water  

Fitness equipment 

Calming lotion 






Be inspired to exercise at LEAD

LEAD helps you take an exercise break — one that will improve your health and strengthen your focus.   LEAD offers exercise equipment for check-out and connects students in organized sports activities. 

Experience healthy living at LEAD 

LEAD promotes healthy living in various ways including offering Martha’s infused water and healthy snacks and providing engaging health behavior ideas.