Medical Anatomy Center

The Medical Anatomy Center’s vision is to advance the teaching and learning of medical anatomy at all levels of education across all healthcare professions. The MACs purpose is to demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning medical anatomy through best practices. Integrate medical anatomy as a basis for clinical diagnosis.Teach medical students the biomedical research process. Lead the medical profession in advancing the relevance of anatomy in education and clinical practice.

Community Engagement and Service Learning

We strive to serve our communities through medical student leadership and professionalism with our faculty, global, and local community partners. We welcome your input and participation as co-creators and supporters of a better tomorrow facing the critical medical issues and designing innovative solutions with your ideas and existing community service programs. Community Engagement and Service Learning Education strengthens medical education by integrating classroom knowledge and community service, building compassionate medical leaders through interdisciplinary teamwork that improves overall community health and the health of at-risk and underserved populations.

Healthy Living and Wellness Initiative

An extensive body of scientific evidence already supports the concept that lifestyle factors and behaviors exert an enormous influence on health status. Studies provide strong and consistent evidence that regular physical exercise, maintenance of a healthy body weight, not smoking cigarettes or using alcohol to excess, and following sound nutritional practices positively impacts health. The challenge for physicians and other health care providers today is to incorporate this extensive body of knowledge about the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions into their daily clinical practice.

The Healthy Living and Wellness Initiative vision is that all physicians and other health care providers should be properly trained and highly motivated to prevent, treat and reverse chronic disease through lifestyle medicine and personal example.

To learn more, please contact us at: 541-259-0206