Donor Banner of COMP-Northwest building with a red lower third: An exclusive opportunity for donors   These are exciting times for Osteopathic Medicine in Oregon, with the new medical school opening in Lebanon in 2011, and the revival of Osteopathic Residency Training in Corvallis in 2009. This education strategy is a significant solution for the emerging physician shortage in Oregon and the Northwest. Oregon physician practices concentrate in the Greater Portland area and leave many areas underserved. COMP-Northwest will be located in Lebanon, a small town, to directly address this issue. DOs have a long history of serving Oregon, with the first DO licenses in 1907, and Portland Osteopathic Hospital and Eastmoreland Hospital serving patients from 1945-2004. The new residency training program in Corvallis revives graduate-level training, which had ended with the closing of Eastmoreland Hospital. Portrait of Paula Crone, DO in a white coatCOMP-Northwest is a start-up, private, not-for-profit medical school with no tax dollar support. The Physicians for Oregon Campaign is our effort to raise private financial pledges to support our “Significant Solution.” We ask that you help us educate Oregon students, in Oregon, to practice in Oregon. Paula Crone, DO, is the Vice President of Oregon Campus Operations and Dean of COMP, and is providing the executive leadership to establish the new medical school. Dr. Crone is an Oregonian and practiced Family Medicine in Portland.


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