2019 Global Quality and Safety Fellowship Chitkara University- Global Week

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Chitkara University has been continuously hosting annually “block week” for students where eminent faculty members are invited from across the world to teach predetermined short module courses. This is an “internationalization-at-home” concept in Chitkara University where students learn from international experts and expose to various academic pedagogies. This is an ideal place for networking and collaboration among faculty and students around the world and an opportunity to form sustainable and meaningful partnerships between organizations.


Main brief summary points for the 11th Global Week

Scope: CGN Faculty and students to deliver credit-based modules.

  • The total lecturing time for the course would be 12 to 14 hours for the week, average 3 to 4 hours per day.
  • Lectures will be held on Monday, 14th until Friday 18th October 2019.
  • The medium of instruction & teaching is in English.
  • Classroom size & student strength could vary from 20-40 students.
  • Optional activities in evenings & weekends for outings, social and cultural activities & informal networking.

Requirements to Participate

  • Enrolled in MSN, DNP, or Post MSN FNP Certificate program in CGN.
  • Collaborate with CGN faculty before, during, and after Global Week for course development, delivery, evaluation and dissemination.
  • Complete all the requirements specified by WesternU Student Affairs for International Travel.
  • Approval from WesternU Student Affairs.

Credit Hours/Clinical Hours

  • Students may receive up to 45 clinical or practice hours for this experience. Credit hours applicable for ANL, CNL, Ambulatory clinical hours and DNP practice hours. Additional paperwork may be required per program requirements.
  • This experience is not eligible for FNP clinical practice hours.

Travel Dates

  • CGN team will arrive in India by Saturday, October 12. Departure from India back to the U.S. must be scheduled after the last day of Global Week.

Cost of the Program

  • Participants are responsible for all travel expenses including airfare, transportation, meals, and lodging. Participants are also responsible to obtain Visa and travel insurance.
  • Free lodging in Chitkara University’s Student Dormitory may be available.
  • Transportation to and from Chitkara University from designated hotels is available free of charge.
  • Lunches are provided during the program.


  • CGN Global Quality and Safety Fellowship award. Up to $2000 may be awarded per student to cover travel expenses. Up to 4 awards may be given. See attached announcement and application packet.