Song Brown Capitation 2018-2020

College of Graduate Nursing (CGN) Master of Science-Entry is a 3-year accelerated MSN program. After 4 semesters, students take NCLEX and continue into the post-licensure curriculum while working as full time RN. CGN has been successful in recruiting and graduating underrepresented minority (URM) students and many graduates work in RNSAs.

The curriculum emphasizes culturally competent care focus on addressing the needs of the underserved population. Faculty are ethnically diverse with expertise in caring for the vulnerable populations in all healthcare settings. Many of the clinical faculty work in RNSAs. CGN’s training sites expand throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties; all are RNSAs.

This project will provide scholarship to 10 students per year who will be student champions (SCs) to lead three initiatives. The first initiative is recruitment and retention of URM students. SCs will participate in Western University’s Pomona and American Indian Health Career Ladder (PHCL& AIHCL) programs. PHCL and AIHCL are projects with Pomona School District, California  Polytechnic University, and Sherman Indian High School to create a pipeline for mostly Hispanics and American Indians middle and high school students through their education to careers in health care. SCs will participate in monthly  academy and inform participants about nursing profession through practical experiences, community involvement, and encourage their commitment to work with the medically underserved.

SCs may choose to join Admission and Recruitment Committee as student representatives to participate in recruitment events. The focus is to inform prospective students about nursing and nursing roles in RNSAs.

For the second initiative, SCs will work with Community Coordinator to expand outreach activities in RNSAs. SCs will work with student organizations, National Nurses Student Associations and Men In Nursing to maximize outreach efforts in RNSAs. Inclusion of  student organizations will expose first semester students to RNSA communities.

For the third initiative, SCs will lead media campaign strategies to be distributed in social media, conferences, outreach activities, and recruitment. The campaign will highlight URM RNs and their roles in addressing the needs of underserved communities.

This project will also continue the “Caring for California Communities” (CCC), a program started in 2013 with funding from the Song Brown Grant. The major elements of CCC include a series of speakers (RNs working with underserved populations) to motivate students in such careers and RNSAs and job shadowing related to speakers’ topics.

The scope of the program will enhance students’ knowledge, interests, and attitudes in caring for the underserved in RNSAs and consider careers in these areas upon graduation as well as attract URM students to apply to nursing program. This is accomplished through URM SCs serving as role models to others in same URM groups.