Song Brown RN Special Program 2018-2020

The Song Brown Rn Special Program is a collaborative partnership between the College of Graduate Nursing (CGN) at Western University of Health Sciences and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) to create academic progression pipeline to PVHMC’s ADN and BSN RNs. CGN will provide student placements, scholarships, and discounted tuition fees to 12 qualified PVHMC RNs entering the MSN Program. PVHMC is committed to offset cost through tuition reimbursements as well engage coordinators, supervisors, managers, and staff RNs who have the potential and desire to be in management positions  into the MSN program. CGN and PVHMC will provide students in this program additional resources including establishment of formal mentorship program for working RNs, guaranteed clinical placements and preceptors, work schedule flexibility, and dedicated PVHMC and CGN coordinators to help students succeed in this program.

PVHMC is a not-for-profit acute care hospital and nationally recognized for four Centers of Excellence. It is located in RN Shortage area (RNSA) serving mostly Hispanic population living in medically underserved areas. PVHMC has outstanding nurses, many of whom have been with the organization for several years. PVHMC often promotes from within; their nursing supervisors and managers have exceptional clinical skills but need competencies to lead change, promote health, encourage culturally sensitive care, elevate quality in all patient care settings, and recruit and retain diverse and talented nursing workforce.

CGN has always looked to the future and was the first in the United States to begin a Web-based curriculum for family nurse practitioners. While other colleges and universities deliver Web-based courses, our program offers a fully integrated curriculum for Web-based learning. CGN was also first in Southern California to provide a Masters in Science Nursing program or the MSN-Entry for the college graduates who are looking for a career change. The college has established the first Doctor of Nursing Practice program in Southern California and this program is another look to the future with regard to the needs of the nursing profession.

The design of CGN is based on sensitivity to the traditional barriers to educational access and success that confront working health care professionals such as barriers experienced by PVHMC nurses.

CGN’s ADN to MSN and BSN to MSN programs are designed for nurses who wish to continue working in their profession, keep family commitments, and live in their home community while pursuing a graduate education. There are three tracks in the MSN program, all of which fit the needs of PVHMC. The three tracks are: Health Systems Leadership (HSL)-Administrative Nurse Leader, HSL-Clinical Nurse Leader and Ambulatory Care Nursing.

This project is a result of a CGN and PVHMC effective partnership both organizations have strong institutional leadership support; structured shared resources and dedicated personnel time.