UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center For Health Equity 2018-2019 Community Seed Grant

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  • UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center For Health Equity 2018-2019 Community Seed Grant

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The community Seed Grant will help put in place the first Comprehensive Community Pantry in Pomona. This project will enable community members to identify, understand and respond to social needs of others through our campaign and pantry drive strategies. This collaboration between academia and service address upstream social determinants that construct barriers to human potential, improving access to healthy food, hygiene supplies, school supplies, and health care will not only improve physical health but also promote self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-esteem in the vulnerable members of our community.

The College of Graduate Nursing  and UrbanMission are located in and serve the community of Pomona. The city of Pomona is 69.7% Hispanic population, a poverty rate of 22.1%, and over 1/3 of the population with less than a high school completion. Hispanic and low-income communities present cumulative vulnerabilities such as single parenthood, physical and mental disorders, recent immigration, exclusion from job markets, lack of access to healthy foods and healthcare.

A reality less known is that before members of the community resort to food bank, many have stopped buying essential products such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tampons, razors, detergent, and other hygiene items. A rising number of people suffer from this “hygiene poverty” often are having to choose between eating and keeping clean. Day to day living without being able to afford basic essential sanitary products to keep a person and his or her family clean cause low self-esteem and risks an epidemic of mental health issues.

Education can help children overcome poverty but low-income families are unable to afford basic tools necessary to succeed in school including pens, binders and pencils.


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