College of Graduate Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing Entry (MSN-E)


Meet the MSN-E Administration & Support Staff

MSN-E Program Director Ivy Tuason, RN, MSN, FNP

Ivy TuasonAs the director of the MSNE program, I oversee all the components of the program operations including accreditation, curriculum development and evaluation, clinical rotations and faculty development. I collaborate closely with faculty, students, clinical and community partners, and the university’s office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness  for continuous program evaluation and development. I co-teach Pathophysiology and Health Assessment courses in pre-licensure and I am the lead professor for Pharmacology. I lead the RN Transition Program, co-lead the Dedicated Education Unit and I am very actively involved in enhancing academic-service partnerships.

As MSN-E students you are about to embark upon a challenging yet rewarding journey. The faculty and staff will be active partners with you as you move through the program. I look forward to being part of this new adventure and contributing to your personal and professional growth.

MSN-E Assistant Program Director Patti Shakhshir, PhD, CNS, RN-BC

Patti ShakhshirWelcome MSNE students. You are embarking on a wonderful adventure into a career of which there is no other. As the Assistant Director of the MSN-E program I am one of the first professors you will get to know. I will introduce you to the world of nursing in Nursing Fundamentals. In the simulation lab I will teach you communication, and skills, such as providing hygiene, taking vital signs, administration of medications, injections and so on. Formally, I will serve as advisor to some of you, and informally to many of you. Second semester, I will teach you Medical-Surgical Nursing lecture and teach you additional skills in the lab. Those of you that are interested in joining the National Student Nurses Association will spend additional time with me since I am the advisor for this group. You will spend several hours with me participating in Health Fairs and other Community events. Once again welcome. You will love it here.

MSN-E Program Assistant, Alexandria Escobedo, BS

Alex EscobedoAlexandria (Alex) Escobedo is the staff member providing administrative support to the MSN-E program. She works with faculty and students within the pre-licensure portion of the MSN-E program on campus and distance students during Seminar Weekends. Her main responsibilities include: coordinating special events for the College of Graduate Nursing, assisting the Director of the MSN-E program, arranging and proctoring computer based testing for MSN-E courses, providing and collecting paperwork for clinical rotations. For MSN-E program-specific question, you can contact me at aescobedo@westernu.edu.

MSN-E Program Specific Orientation on August 9th

As a new MSN-E student, you will obtain pertinent information about your program on Wednesday, August 9th from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. You will receive information about the program curriculum, clinical hours, and much more. You will also have an opportunity to meet the program director, faculty, and support staff. MSN-E students will report to AMP I (Prem Reddy) classroom on the first floor of the Health Professions Center (HPC) building.The address for the HPC building is listed below:

Health Professions Center (HPC)
Room: AMP I (Prem Reddy), First Floor

521 E. Third Street
Pomona, CA 91766

Become familiar with the WesternU Campus and take the virtual tour before Orientation/Welcome Week.

MSN-E Program Orientation Agenda

IMPORTANT REMINDER: On Wednesday, August 9th you will pick up your orientation packet for the week. Please make sure you bring a government-issued ID (driver’s license, state ID card, passport) to check-in and pick up your packet on August 9th. New students will be required to show ID before participating in all Orientation/Welcome Week events. If you are unable to provide an acceptable form of ID on August 9th, you will not be able to participate in any Orientation/Welcome Week events until you are able to do so. For more information about this policy, please visit the University’s Identity Verification Policy web page.

Directions & Parking Info for August 9th Program Orientation Day

You can obtain driving/parking directions to the WesternU campus from the California Campus – Welcome Week Orientation home page. The Directions to Campus page provides driving directions from the 10, 210, 60, and 71 freeways to Third Street. The WesternU campus is on the north side of Third Street.

The following are specific driving directions from Third Street to parking near the Health Professions Center (HPC) building. There are a few options:

Student Parking Lots 23 & 25 are directly south of the campus off of Third St. and Palomares St. Please visit the Student Parking Map for further information. From these parking lots, you will head north on Palomares St. and turn right on Second St. onto the campus esplanade walking path. The Health Professions Building (HPC) is on the corner of Second & Palomares St. and the entrance is on the north side of the building facing Second St.

The University Parking Structure is on the corner of Towne Ave. & Second St. Turn west on Second St. from from Towne Ave. and make an immediate right into the parking structure. Students may park on the 3rd through 7th floors only. Please visit the Student Parking Map for further information.  From the parking structure, head west on Second St. which turns into the campus esplanade walking path.The Health Professions Center Building (HPC) will be on your left-hand side after the Daumier student housing building.

Additional student parking will be in lots 15, 20 and 26 as shown on the Student Parking Map. If all parking lots are full, there is public metered parking in lot 12 on the north-west corner of First & Gibbs Street. The daily fee for all day (7a.m. to 7p.m.) is $3.00. Pay at the gray kiosks (dollars, coins, and credit cards accepted).

NOTE: Please park ONLY in designated WesternU student parking lots. Do not park in employee lots or guest parking spaces. If you park in a public metered parking space, you will need to pay at the gray kiosks. Please arrive early as student parking lots fill up quickly.

A student parking permit is required to park in WesternU student parking lots; however, the university will be lenient the week of orientation and should not issue any parking violation warnings or tickets. If you happen to receive a ticket for parking in a WesternU student parking lot, please notify Eva Badouin or Mitzi McKay. If you purchased a student parking permit you will receive it in your orientation packet when you check-in on Wednesday, August 9th. You can then place it in your vehicle that day.

Fall 2017 Textbook List

Below is the link to the Fall 2017 MSN-E First Year Textbook List. The list is organized by course number/name in numerical order. If you have any questions about the textbook list, please email Alex Escobedo at aescobedo@westernu.edu. There is a designated time during Orientation/Welcome where students can purchase their textbooks in the University Bookstore.

Fall 2017 MSN-E First Year Textbook List


Will I be expected to keep my CPR current?

Yes, your BLS CPR  is not just to get you into the program but will be needed throughout the program and into your nursing career.

I noticed that there is a long list of textbooks required for fall semester. Will every semester be like that?

No, you will soon discover that many of the textbooks that are required for your first semester are used more than once in the program. Before you resell or get rid of any of your textbooks each semester you may want to talk to your faculty about which ones may be used again in a later semester.

Can I choose what hospital my clinicals will be scheduled in each semester of the pre-licensure portion of the MSNE program?

Generally speaking, no. The college has certain hospital partners lined up for each semester based on the patient population that each hospital serves, to coincides with the patient types needed for each semesters program of study. If the semester covers pediatric nursing then the hospital partners for that semester would be those hospitals that have pediatric patients and that also have available clinical slots open for our school. Students are put into groups by the faculty and each semester you will very likely be in a different hospital, with different group members and varied clinical faculty. During the first four semesters of the program, while you are learning the role of a nurse, the goal of clinical scheduling will revolve around creating varied and unique experiences for you and your classmates. Although some attention may be given to student preferences, the overall goal is to give a well-rounded and diverse experience. It is important to work within different hospital organizations, so that when the time comes to find your first RN job you will have a connection to and an understanding of more than one organization.

Is there an extended/part time version of the MSNE program curriculum?

An extended version of the curriculum is not available for the pre-licensure portion of the MSNE program. Once you move into the post-licensure portion of the program it is possible to be moved into an extended version of the curriculum.


If you still have additional questions, please email Eva Badouin at ebadouin@westernu.edu.