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Clinical Education Preceptor Resource

We are available to assist all Clinical Faculty, Preceptors and Students with rotations scheduling and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mission Statement

The Department of Clinical Education is dedicated to providing COMP (COMP-Pomona and COMP-Northwest) OMS (Osteopathic Medical Student) III and IV -students with the best possible clinical education opportunities to prepare them for residency training.


Portrait of Stephanie White, DO

Stephanie White, DO


Associate Dean of Clinical Education
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Portrait of Sarah Wolff, DO

Sarah Wolff, DO

COMP & COMP-Northwest

Director of Clinical Curriculum
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Portrait of Kim Ketcham

Kim Ketcham


Associate Director, Clinical Education

Portrait of Marisa Orser, M.Ed

Marisa Orser, M.Ed


Associate Director of Clinical Education

Portrait of Thomas A Fox, MSHS

Thomas A Fox, MSHS


Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships

Portrait of Colleen Galindo

Colleen Galindo


Faculty Credentialing Specialist

“Your commitment to and involvement with the development of the next generation of physicians is a gift and a great contribution to our profession.”

Dr. Stephanie White
Two women in lab coats talking to a doctor.
WesternU Campuses Oregon and California

Preceptor Resources

The following guides and resources are provided as helpful tools in developing preceptor skills, teaching methodologies and exploring various practices for engaging students in clinical development.
  • Curriculum & Syllabi

    COMP Catalog

    Clinical Education Manual

    Rotations Evaluation Form


    Core Rotations are designed to expose the OMS III students to the breadth of medical knowledge, and to standardize the learning experience in the OMS III year. Much of the OMS III year is comprised of core rotations. Accreditation requirements dictate that a certain number of these rotations must be completed in hospitals, with osteopathic physicians, and in academic environments with residents on the service.

    Core Syllabi

    Required, Elective and Selective Rotations means students have increased flexibility when selecting the discipline and location and may be completed at any affiliated site and with a COMP credentialed preceptor.

    Required, Elective and Selective Syllabi


    Conference Week activities and examination performance are an essential part of the student’s final core rotation grade. Conference Weeks take place in the third-year and are bi-annual; they are held on campus in Pomona, California and in Lebanon, Oregon. All Conference Week activities are mandatory for all third-year students. Conference weeks include the following activities related to a student’s rotations:

    1. Prospective plenary sessions for upcoming rotations
    2. IM Standardized Patient Case Presentations
    3. Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) including:
      • Pre-OSCE session
      • Standardized Patient encounter
      • SOAP note following the patient encounter
      • Post-OSCE video review
    4. OMM review sessions
    5. Required lectures, Town Hall, etc.
  • Currently Credentialed Clinical Faculty Resources

    Clinical Faculty Resources are only offered to those with a University appointment. We do not offer these resources to preceptors. A Preceptor appointment is a College appointment only.

    Clinical Faculty Remote Access to Electronic Resources

    WesternU Library

    Thank you for all the work you do to help our students become skilled and caring healthcare providers. In exchange for your services, we provide access to a number of library resources. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. You must have a current clinical faculty appointment through one of WesternU’s colleges.
    2. Your college must submit paperwork to University Academic Affairs for approval.
    3. Once your appointment has been approved by Academic Affairs, you can fill out the library’s remote access request form. You are typically e-mailed to confirm your access and given a username and password within in 1-2 business days.
    4. Choose the desired resource from this guide. You will be prompted to log in; enter the username and password you were provided in the e-mail.
    5. If you want to receive the full text of articles the library does not have access to, you can set up an ILLiad account. For more information on using ILLiad, see this tutorial.

    Your access to library resources must be renewed every year by July 1. You will receive a reminder e-mail from the library in June.

    What the Library Provides

    WesternU provides access to many library resources and services, including:

    The librarians will also conduct literature searches for clinical faculty.

    You can get in touch with your library liaison if you have any questions or use any of the contact options at the top of the page.

    List of Electronic Resources not available for Clinical Faculty – send crystal word doc to turn into link


    Provides point-of-need instruction for preceptors in the form of videos, tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to in-depth information on precepting topics. Currently credentialed COMP Clinical Faculty will have access to this resource.

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    Apply to be a Preceptor

    Impact the world. Change lives. Being a preceptor is more than clinical training. As a mentor and evaluator, you help shape the future generation of health care professionals by providing personal and professional guidance and direction. Apply now.

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in becoming a preceptor or learning more about the benefits of this unique opportunity, email us.