MEDWell is an acronym that stands for: Mindfulness, Exercise and Diet through Work, Engagement and Lifelong Learning.

Wellness is not a program; it is a culture. Our health does not have a starting or stopping point, we live our lives in our bodies 24 hours a day. MEDWell was born out of the desire to help you maintain your global health while you navigate this difficult and rewarding experience called medical school.

Mindful Monday

Mondays we have mindfulness sessions that consist of activities like meditation, journaling, music and yoga.

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesdays we do prerecorded healthy plant-based recipe demonstrations, and in-person Salad Socials when permitted.

Fitness Friday

Fridays we exercise together. Core, bodyweight, yoga, virtual 5ks, and other themed workouts.

Nutrition in Medicine Lecture Series

The NiM series is now, and historically has been, driven by student interest in the power of nutrition and how it relates to human health and disease. Integral in this acquisition of information is the medical profession’s responsibility to more fully understand this important connection and, more specifically, to better care for our patients utilizing this knowledge. Though students are largely involved with the topic selection of the two-year-long NiM series, each session will be presented by faculty and guest lecturers who are leaders in the field of evidence-based nutrition.

Stay Tuned for upcoming sessions beginning in September 2021